Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Face Matches the Uniforms

Remember when Brian Kelly would get all purple on the sideline after his QB would throw a pick or take a sack after missing a wide open WR?  Well, he is taking that face and coaching bona fides to Baton Rouge to become the LSU Tigers next head coach.  To me, this is a 100% fish out of water scenario and something that probably won't last 3 years.   There have been rumors Brian has been looking to jump to the NFL for years, but no takers in that league.  When LSU came calling with a warehouse full of money and a chance to face Alabama every year, Brian jumped quickly. 

Since ND has a similar recruiting base as Michigan's, fans quickly last night thought about who might be a candidate to jump to Ann Arbor?  Here are a few thoughts:

-WR CJ Williams is one of the top WR's in this class.  Michigan was his first offer, so there is a special spot in his heart.  He is from California and USC just got a new coach as well.  

-Amarion Walker is a 3-star WR from Louisiana was has been thinking about a flip to Ann Arbor already.  Does Kelly going to LSU change things? Michigan has 100% of the CB's.

-Tobias Merriweather is a 4-star WR from Washington.  Reports are Kelly was in home when the news broke, he is heading to LSU.   Awkward!   There is family in Detroit.  UW also has a new coach. 

-Josh Burnham, 4-star LB from Traverse City.  Instate guy in a position of need for the Wolverines.  Would seem like a good match if he wants to come home.  Don't know if any bridges were burned. 

Michigan needs WR's and getting a couple from the above list would be a home run.  Not sure what Josh is thinking, but I'm sure it will depend on what ND does for its next head coach.  DC Marcus Freeman status will also be a factor.  (Fickell to ND and Freeman to Cincy?)

  • Domani Jackson decision is expected to go down to signing day.  It seems it's a Michigan - Bama - USC decision.  Favorite school growing up, regular national championship contender, staying home with a new coach.  
  • Speaking of 2022 DB's - Zeke Berry a 4-star S out of California is expected to announce his college decision on Friday.  He is a former Arizona commit and a very good defensive back.  All CB's are to Michigan after a visit on Saturday.  I believe his quote was, "Michigan does everything different then the PAC 12" 247 ranks him the 63rd player in the country! 
  • PFF now has Hutch as the #1 NFL Draft Prospect
  • Gattis is now a finalist for the Broyles award for the top assistant
  • With all these coaches running for huge paychecks, Harbaugh is donating all of his bonus to AD staff that had to take pay cuts due to COVID. 
  • Last night it looked like BOB (Bill O'Brien) was leading candidate for the VA Tech job, now it seems like Penn State's DC Brent Pry.  They really like Penn State current or former coaches. 
  • Reports are Temple to consider Chris Partridge and Mike Hart for its head coaching role.  Temple is considering a long list of top assistants. 
  • Spencer Rattler who many thought might be the top QB taken in the NFL Draft is now in the transfer portal.   Oklahoma is also losing committed recruits every couple of hours it seems. 


Goblu said...

Any chance we lose Gattis or (please no) MacDonald? Lots of openings.

Kelly going to LSU is a real head scratcher.

GoBlueBruce said...

Great to see Harbaugh not be as money grabbing as his coaching peers.

Cormac said...

Mike Macdonald should be considered for the Broyles award! He is one of the main reasons that this season turned out the way that did!

MichiganMan said...
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MichiganMan said...

If Harbaugh wins on Saturday...I will forgive him for the past 7years of frustration...what about you? I would like to know what you all think....?

For GoBoo...this question is for ordinary Joe...not for someone like you with a PhD...

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