Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: The Night Game Dance

Michigan is a huge brand in college football and fans will watch to support the team and its rivals fans will watch hoping Michigan loses.   I believe Howard Stern was quoted about his audience (paraphrasing) "The listeners that love me will listen for an hour, the ones that hate me listen for 3 hours".  Ask an Ohio State fan, they much rather enjoy watching a Michigan loss then a Ohio State win any Saturday. 

With Fox, ESPN, ABC, and the Big Ten Network trying to fill a primetime game every weekend, Michigan becomes a big candidate for a night game.   Outside a non-conference match-up every year, the Michigan faithful does not support multiple night games in the Big House.  That is why you see Michigan play at night on the road and there are a number of examples the last few years:  Iowa,  Rutgers, Minnesota, ND, Utah, Penn State, and more.  

I was wrong with the Big Ten rule about TV forcing nights games.  I thought 11/1 was the date where both programs had to agree to play at night.   That rule goes into effect after this weekend and the reason the Michigan - IU game which should be a noon game, is now a 7:30 kick on the commercial heavy Fox.   The good news is the Michigan @ Penn State game will now not be a primetime white out and will be a noon or 3:30 kick.     

  • Franz got the #1 play on ESPN last night on a poster-ize dunk over the Timberwolves
  • In the world of crazy, I have two stories for you. Florida fans believe Dan Mullen is out and he will be replaced by Urban Meyer.   2nd: Texas Special Teams coach has a new stripper girl friend that has a pet monkey that bite a child at some type of Halloween activity at their home on Sunday.  
  • Sounds like the MAC is expanding with Middle Tennessee State and Western Kentucky.    
  • University of Miami made some type of illegal communication with its coaches during its game with Pitt and we have 20% less communication devices during the Georgia Tech game. 
  • Illinois center Kofi Cockburn sold some of his Illinois gear before that became legal by the NCAA and now will serve a 3 game suspension.   Can one of those games be against Michigan?

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