Wednesday, November 24, 2021

What Was That?

I had zero intention of writing a post on Michigan's Basketball victory tonight, but I need an outlet for some feelings. 

Michigan Basketball full of experience and 5-star youth almost lost to a team that was in Division 2 just two short years ago.  Who started 5 guards and has never won a division 1 road game! Did I mention Michigan had 21 turnovers? 

Jones is a complete disaster.  He lacks basketball intelligence on the floor, frequently turns the ball over, and is walking foul machine.  If this was a pro team, he would get his unconditional release.  Time to just let Frankie and Kobe play.   Jones played 25 minutes tonight and never shot the ball.  He had 4 rebounds, 1 assist, and 5 turnovers. 

I know Johns played well when Livers went out last season and I feel bad for the guy, but he should consider taking some time away from the game.  He should not be in the starting lineup and clearly has a huge confidence issue.  He is struggling to do anything positive on the floor. 

Hunter had 9 points against a team with 5 guards.  He is going to see double and triple teams all season. 

Eli can't keep booking all these minutes as he was clearly gassed at the end of the game. 

Houstan played better offensively but still needs to make better decisions with the ball and pick it up on defense. 

Diabate is still raw but is clearly a burst of energy and makes a huge difference when on the floor.  He needs to be starting over Johns.   He is the only bright spot on the team right now.  

Frankie had some bad turnovers early but played most of the 1st half and zero minutes in the 2nd.  Why?

When Zeb gets healthy (out with an illness) he needs to ball out. 

This team lacks chemistry and fundamentals.  There doesn't seem to be any execution on offense and struggling with fouls and rebounding on defense. They look like they don't ever practice and just show up and play games.   The good news is they have a week to practice, but travel to North Carolina and then host San Deigo State before a week of Big Ten games.   This team is far from good right now and needs a ton of coaching and better play before they can think about doing anything this year. 

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szanreno said...

Holy crap what happened all that confidence and "I can't wait for the basketball season to begin". Now it sounds like you can't wait for it to end...