Sunday, December 5, 2021

Goal Achieved

© Photo: Isaiah Hole Wolverine Wire

Even up 21-3, I was nervous.  My home was cold, chilly even and my t-shirt looked like I had been sitting in a hundred-degree sauna.   Michigan was clearly the better team and Iowa was struggling on offense, but I felt Iowa was still going to get a pick 6 and then TE Michigan to death to make this a close game.   

Iowa with all its troubles, came in with a very good game plan.   They shut down Michigan's run game, put Michigan's LB's in coverage and did their best to keep this game close.   They had 3 very good drives where it looked like the Hawkeyes would cash in for TD's.  Iowa only scored 3 points in those drives and struggled in the red zone.  If they put up 21 points in this game, the outcome might have been different or at least looked different. 

Michigan was not sleepy coming off the huge victory last weekend, they were so focused Gattis went deep in the playbook to call a tailback pass from Donovan Edwards that resulted in a 75-yard TD to Roman Wilson.   That and a great run by Corum was enough to beat Iowa but it didn't feel like it.   The 14-3 lead at half felt good, but not safe. 

One of the best traits of this Michigan team, is they play their best after half-time.  Which means the coaches learn, adjust, and put the team into a winning position.   That TE Boot play was killing Michigan in the 1st half and under other DC's it would have continued to kill them.   Not under Coach Mac's defense and he adjusted and shut it down in the second half.   

Michigan dominated the 2nd half and won the Big Ten Championship by a score of 42-3.  History made; Championship won!  No matter where or who Michigan plays in the CFP this team will go down in history of Michigan Football as Champions.  I could not be prouder of this team. 


  • The coaching in this game was spectacular 
  • The players were focused 
  • Michigan's offense was ugly at times, but Michigan was not going to let Iowa win like Iowa.
  • Edwards perfect pass 
  • Corum is a home run hitter
  • Brad Robbins 61-yard punt was huge 
  • The blocked punt by CoJo was also big turning point 
  • Cade threw a few dimes and didn't make a back breaking mistake 
  • Luke Schoonmaker with a few huge catches 
  • Leading tacklers on D:  Ross, Gray, Hawkins, Hill 
  • Seltzer got his catch! 
  • Kolesar with the pick!
  • JJ had a good game and for a second, I thought he might complete that Hail Mary
  • Was not a fan of Upshaw's 15-yard penalty
  • Michigan's running game had 211 yards but a majority of that came on a couple of plays
  • Offensive line struggled in this one 
  • AJ kept fair catching inside the 5 
  • Cade's pick was a bad throw, but a bit unlucky as well

I loved seeing Michigan on the trophy stand, it's been a very long time and this team deserves all its accolades.  Hutch should get a free trip to NYC and this team will have a date with probably Georgia on New Year's Eve.   The goal every year is for Michigan to win the Big Ten Championship and they did just that.   Every Friday, I've asked Jimmy to "prove it to me" and he and his team just rubber stamped it right on my forehead and it feels so good!

Go Blue! 


ScottyDoggs said...

Got to watch the game at a friends house....anybody predict such a dominating game? Not me... this is a "vintage" Wolverine team and can be compared to the best Michigan's ever had over almost 130 years (estimate on years)...all the great's that have long passed, are smiling down at the resurgence of "wolverine power".

Justwin said...

Ha. Yeah, I was nervous until into the 4th quarter. Was a solid win, but the next game can’t give so much to the other team’s offense. And we need more mojo in first half.
But how great it is to see those boys win like that. So proud to be a Wolverine! Go friggin blue !!

Will be interesting to see if we are 1 or 2. But don’t think it will matter. Our “prize” almost for sure is Georgia- the committee won’t allow a repeat of Bama-Georgia for next game. Which stinks.

Also, saw funny sign from a fan at the game. Said “Did computer work in Dubai and all I got was this crummy OSU t-shirt”.

Chowman said...

I know there are many arguments to the upcoming CFP rankings, but I think the "avoid a SEC Championship game rematch" is the dumbest. And stuff like this gets the committee in trouble. Yeah I'm a homer, but how do you punish Michigan for annihilating Iowa. yeah Iowa's offense struggled to score in a whore house all year, but the defense is for real and so's their ST! Just talking out loud, but was GA that good? Or did Kirby Smart go all Kirby Smart in a big game? Or once again is Nick Saban just his ex-assistants kryptonite? To me, what would be worse than a SEC rematch in the semi-final, would be a SEC rematch in the final. I have no faith GA and Smart would get it done against Saban's Tide in a semi-final or final game!

Change topics: did Upshaw get benched after that stupid unsportsman penalty? I don't remember hearing his name called the rest of the game, and he should of been benched. That was unnecessary. I don't mind celebrating a great play, but detest anything that's even remotely close to taunting.

szanreno said...

Having Henning fair catch inside the five really limits your playbook so these added to the slugfest. As far as the playoffs I believe the committee wants a Saban vs Harbaugh championship game?!? I cannot stand games on Fox. The announcing team is fine it's the COMMERCIALS!! For God's sake it kills the flow. Great job to the coaches and players. Everything going forward is gravy. I'd love to hear some at the game stories. Go Michigan! Go Blue!

Goblu said...

My play of the game was JJ’s blocking for Corum. That’s great stuff!

The rankings will be what they will be … use it as fuel. Maybe being #2 will motivate the team more. Who knows. I’m proud of the team - proud of our coaches, who coach the right way. No cheating, and Jimmy gives his $ to staff. Name another coach who has or would do that! All our “fire harbaugh” haters hopefully regret those words. Winning is important, but HOW you win is even more important.

MichiganMan said...

Watching the game at the stadium most fans very nervous even though we were up and did not feel like it..... Michigan came out in the second half hungrier and made some good adjustments..... Win is win...congratulation to Jim harbaugh and all the Michigan players and fans across the country...

Guys I'm flying to Dubai on Monday I'll be back before the championship games good luck happy recruiting.....

Blue for life
Never hired Don Brown for DC

MichiganMan said...
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MichiganMan said...
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MichiganMan said...

This is for my PhD student... he wasn't winning five six years ago so it would have been the right thing to do was to fire him at that time based on the performance on the field... No one can predict the future just like no one predicted that they would make the playoffs.... "I got my PhD from community college"...

Last post driving home... Fans here were spectacular... atmosphere was electrifying... In the stadium I think it was about 65% Michigan fans

Blue for life
Never hire Don Brown for DC

Lee B said...

I look forward to adding a 2021 Big Ten championship sweat shirt to my 2004-2005 back to back Rose Bowl sweatshirt! Go Blue.

Justwin said...

Ooook. So I now realize this has been one long dream. Mich didn’t really beat Ohio, Iowa and go to the CFP. This isn’t real… want to know how I know we’re in a dream? Lions actually won, on a last second TD no less. It’s gotta all be a dream.

Bob said...

I agree with you all! It's got to be a dream!