Monday, December 20, 2021

Michigan Monday: News and Notes

  • Michigan's Women's Basketball had a big win over #5 Baylor this weekend 
  • Dearborn Divine Child C/OG Dylan Senda is announcing today.  He is a 3-Star OL with offers from Michigan, Iowa, MSU, PSU, Northwestern, Miami, UK, and more.  Dylan is 6'5 275 pounds. (Michigan has 100% of the CB's) 👍
  • LA Times named recent signee Mason Graham its HS Player of the Year. 
  • Huge Congratulations to The Ferris State Bulldogs for being Division II National Champions in dominating fashion!!!!  The State of Michigan Universities sure did have a good year on the field. 
  • Harbaugh staffer Steve Casula will serve as Don Brown's OC at UMASS after the CFP. The word is Steve is a top-notch offensive mind and played a big part in Michigan's offense this season. Ironically, Steve was also at Ferris State the last time they made a run to the NC game in 2018.  
  • Chaundee Brown got his first points in his NBA career and then took a charge on the next play
  • Bo Nix is a Duck and will have 2 years to play 


Goblu said...

Great for Ferris!

Man, the NFL announcers are trashing Urban like mad. They really didn't like him... don't see how anyone hires that dude again.

Blue In Ohio said...

Well...say what you will, but Urb as it turns out, always embraces the "grind"...

Rudy said...

The gutless announcers waited until now to speak the obvious trash about the king trash...Urban Cryer. And they say "he's always been like this"...well, if any of these announcers had balls, they would have said it while he was winning. Jimmy said "yeah he wins but controversy follows him" meaning....he's a pure dbag but he wins so nobody cares. And nobody would care now if he was winning. Shadenfreude!!

High Sierra Howard said...

Senda to Northwestern

szanreno said...

Announcers are not free to give commentary. There are certain boundaries they are required to stay within and trash talking coaches is not within those boundaries. However you know as well as I do anytime Meyer did something out of bounds it was all over the media, and the media loves dirt.