Thursday, December 16, 2021

Michigan Thursday: NSD Recap

Michigan started Wednesday with a lot of promise and a bit of fear.  Michigan was fighting off other programs for its own commits, was looking to take a few off the market, and steal a few of its own.   Michigan had a huge feather in its cap, having a ton of guys visit during the Ohio State win which guys from Fox said it was the best college football environment they've ever been around.   The Wolverines of course are in the CFP but the top programs like Bama, Clemson, and OSU can also make similar claims this year or years past.  

The day started a bit uneven, with the loss of local recruit Deone Walker from Cass Tech to Kentucky and then one of Michigan lowest rated commits DE Ethan Burke from Austin, TX decided to stay home after Texas threw him a last-minute offer.  On Tuesday, Michigan commit DE Kevonte Herny decided to wait to make a decision in February. 

Then the day started to trend the other way, Michigan secured the signature from Domani Dent who Florida and Miami was coming after, WR Amorion Walker from ND jumps to Michigan, former Clemson commit Keon Sabb does the same, and then Michigan's 2nd QB of the class Alex Orji decommits from VA Tech to Michigan.   Those were big wins. 

Next, Michigan was able to keep Kody Jones and Deuce Spurlock from the SEC trying to get a late steal from Michigan's commit list.  We then had a bit of wait until Clemons and Moore were to announce.  Both had other programs in their DM's trying to get them to consider a different path.  Auburn which loved Clemons was making a late pitch and Ole Miss was trying to get Moore.    Both went Blue and cemented a great day of new additions. 

There was a bit of nervousness with Will being one of the last LOI's in, but it did make it in.  Alabama was making a late run.  Also, Michigan has some work to do for DE's for the second signing day in February. 

So how did they finish?

#9th 24/7

#8 Rivals 

#9 On3

I will take a top 10 class every year.   The real story is, what is going on between the Big Ten East and West.   These are 24/7 Rankings: East=Blue  West=Green 

#4 OSU

#6 PSU

#9 Michigan 

#20 IU

#21 MSU

#26 Iowa 

#27 Rutgers

#28 Maryland 

#39 Purdue

#42 Minnesota 

#44 Wisconsin

#45 Illinois 

#47 Northwestern

#58 Nebraska

The Big Ten West got completely out recruited by the East in this cycle.  How is Frost going to turn around Nebraska with the worst recruiting ranking in the Big Ten and one 4-star recruit?  Wisconsin #44?

# 4-Star Recruits

OSU = 14

PSU = 15

U of M = 10

Big Ten West = 11

Does coaching changes effect recruiting rankings? 

#10 Oklahoma

#18 LSU

#30 VA Tech

#31 Oregon

#50 Florida 

#62 Miami

#81 USC 

#89 Washington

  • Urban Meyer fired as JAX coach.  Is so funny and very predictable.  The guy is an A Hole.
  • Tom Brady has hired Cade and 5 other college athletes for the introduction of his new clothing brand that releases next month. 
  • Reports are that LB Aaron Alexander will not be part of the class


szanreno said...

A zebra just doesn't suddenly change his stripes. Urban Meyer's been an asshole at every stop he's been at. Even Harbaugh pointed that out...

Cormac said...

>then Michigan's 2nd QB of the class Alex Orji decommits from VA Tech to Michigan. Those were big wins.

I hardly describe a #428 player as a "big win!" Chances are he never sees the field as a QB except for trick plays and the like.

szanreno said...

Well considering there are over a million football players playing high school football #428 seems pretty good. Then considering the number of college teams recruiting players.....

Voice of Reason said...

Michigan's overall roster is very good and this class was built upon the success of that roster; they just needed some experience and good coaching. Talent wise Michigan can compete with the other big dogs on the block. Trust me, if osu could have won that game they would have but they couldn't. They weren't even surprised because they were following Michigan all season long and they saw the train coming and couldn't get off of the track and got run over. People are making a big deal out of this Georgia team (and they are good), but because of this SEC bias they automatically assume that Georgia and Alabama will run right over Michigan but the smart money will be on Michigan, IMHO!!!