Monday, January 24, 2022

Michigan Monday: NFL Was Great This Weekend

I'm not sure what to title this post because I'm still in shock from this weekend's NFL Divisional Round Playoff games.   Last week was full of bad games and this week was just unbelievable.  Here are a few thoughts off the top of my head:

  • So happy that Joe Burrow transferred from Ohio State.  He is really good.  
  • Love seeing Chris Evans be a part of that win with kickoff returns and few runs from the backfield.  You can tell, they also trust him in protection.  
  • All of these teams had good/great QB's and skill positions, but each game really came down to the offensive and defensive lines.  
  • The 49'ers seem to have the Rodgers kryptonite. 
  • What can you say about the GOAT?  That was an unbelievable comeback against the Rams.  The Bucs offensive line couldn't stop anyone.  
  • I hate when officials think they are bigger than the game and Shawn Hochuli should be fined and suspended for his Personal Foul/Taunting calls on Sunday.   Be better Shawn.   Call that shit in October, not late January.  
  • I hope that wasn't the last time we see Tom but it could be.  The lack of debt and the loss of his WR's made it too difficult to make a Super Bowl run.  
  • Rashan Gary had the best game of his life in the playoff loss.  Very happy to see him reach his potential. 
  • I think the Super Bowl was played in KC last night.   Those are the 2 best teams in football right now.  
  • Playoffs need special OT rules.  Like play an extra 10 minute or 12 minute quarter and at the end the team with the most points win.   
  • If Shawn Hochuli was on KC-Buffalo, I bet he calls back the Hill "Peace" TD, which is just wrong.  Glad some officials have common sense.
  • The Rams are really good when they execute and really bad when they don't.   That lack of consistency might cost them a Super Bowl.  
  • The Rams will host the Super Bowl if they win next Sunday.   
  • Jerry Jones should fire McCarthy for what Mahomes did with 13 seconds last night.  

Not much to report in the yearly Harbaugh to the NFL saga.  I think  know we're all getting tired of it.  There are some insider reports that The Raiders are not that interested, but they have yet to hire a GM.  So those reports could be premature.   Again, the only person who knows anything is Jimmy and he is not talking or signing any extensions.  

  • Michigan Basketball had the best win of the year on the road against IU.  
  • Ravens fired their DC, nobody is talking about this, but brother could come for coach Macdonald. 
  • Tim Drevno is the new UCLA OL Coach. 

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Rudy said...

I think that's the last game we'll see from GOAT Brady. Brother, go enjoy your $$, your kids and your smoking-hot wife while your knees still keep you upright and your brain is in one piece.