Thursday, January 27, 2022

Michigan Thursday: Sheds a Tear for Coach Mac

I guess it really was a Harbaugh-on-Harbaugh crime.   All indications point to John coming back for Michigan's DC Mike Macdonald to fill the Ravens DC role left when he fired Wink Martindale.   So that's not great.  

So now what?  Some have speculated that Jimmy makes Coach Clink and Elston as Co-DC's.  I'm 100% confident this wasn't a surprise for Jimmy and that he has been thinking about this for at least a couple of weeks.   Insiders are reporting this morning that Jimmy has reached out to Tampa Bay Bucs OLB coach and former Wolverine LB Larry Foote.   That would be interesting.  

Either way, Michigan can't take a Don Brown step back with this hire and needs to play NFL multiple looks moving forward.  

No new news on the Harbaugh front.  Some Bears websites are saying Jimmy is looking for a $100 Million+ contract.   In a league, that will fire a head coach after a year or even during their 1st season (Urban Meyer) most NFL teams won't sign up for that type of long-term contract (Gruden).   NFL head coaches are hired to be fired.  

  • Michigan Basketball had a nice comeback win over NW last night. 
  • Iowa's AD says the Big 10 is considering getting rid of divisions.  Hard to do a Championship game without divisions.
  • Broncos has hired Green Bay's OC as its next head coach.  Denver was never in play, but at least one NFL job is off the market. 
  • We know Andrew Gentry future Michigan offensive lineman can only work out for a 1/2 an hour a day, EJ Holland on twitter shows us some highlights from his apartment workout room.  
  • Primetime's son and Jackson State QB has signed an NIL deal with Gatorade.
  • Coach Elston's salary will be $600K a year with increases every year for 3 years. 


Chowman said...

In retrospect, Macdonald going back to Baltimore shouldn't be surprising. He basically had a 1 year internship at Michigan. Think about, the university all but told Jim to get out after the 2020 season. They cut his salary in half and changed his buy out to the college football coaching equivalent of a pack of gum. Jim had NO job security, it was really easy for the school to dump him. Therefore, he wasn't going to get an established DC with your head coach having almost no job security. Enter brother John, and he needed to get Macdonald play calling experience. It was a win/win at the time for both John and Jim. Now fast forward, Ravens need a DC, Mikey Mac gained play calling experience with Michigan and he has connections with the players in Baltimore. Its a no brainer: DC in the NFL > DC in college!

Furthermore, it makes sense to why Mike Elston took reportedly a lateral move to be the UofM DL coach. I'd be somewhat shocked if Elston is not the next DC at Michigan.

Goblu said...

Yeah, think you might be right about Mac. Not sure about Elston, but wouldn't surprise me. Good perspective, thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Divisions are not needed, it’s very simple, top 2 teams according to overall record play in Indy

Chowman said...

Unknown: what about the top 4 teams, with week 12 being the conference semis? 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3. the winners of those games play for the B1G title??? Something needs to be done, because the current set up is so unbalanced with the winner of the west having a hard time beating the little sisters of the poor!

Unknown said...

Hey! I love it, anything that will promote the BIG a is great with me…. Sounds interesting and fun…. A second chance to play Msu or to see Wisconsin Penn State or something like that sounds fun, especially if the Buckeyes get their usual padded schedule…they may be in for a fight even more with that format

Tommertoffo said...

1). I think Elston would be a great hire as DC. He was in line for that job at ND and ND blew it. We benefited - it's not like he's not capable.

2). Divisions are ridiculous and grossly unfair - added to that, cross-division scheduling can be outrageously onerous...Nebraska had Michigan, Ohio State, and Michigan State. The B1G is so unfair to Nebraska - repeatedly - it's actually laughable. I wonder if Kevin Warren really thinks people believe that such repeated scheduling disparity is really just "random".

3). If we move to "no division" should NOT bet the top two automatically. If there is a tie at the top OR if the top two teams PLAYED each other in the season, and the loser of that game is the #2 team in the league, that #2 team is OUT and we go to team 3. If 3 lost to 1, 3 is out too. It should be the top 2 teams who have not played (if they already LOST to the top team). The only time a "re-match" game should be played in the championship game is if the TOP team lost to the 2nd team in the regular season. Then, that rematch would be legit.

4). Tom Izzo just ate Juwan Howard for lunch and spit him out like they are coaching in different collegiate levels.