Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: A Couple Wolverines in The Portal

Michigan lost two defenders yesterday as LB Anothony Solomon and DB Dorian Green-Warren both jumped into the portal.  

Solomon was recruited by Don Brown to be a Viper and that position no longer exists.  Anothony played a hand full of snaps and participated on special teams.  He is already heading to Arizona as his next stop.  Don isn't there anymore, but his Viper position probably is.  

Green was just buried on the depth chart and didn't see path to playing time.  The former 4-star CB has his redshirt and COVID year and could play 4 years at his next stop.  

Good luck to both guys and I hope they find the playing time they're looking for. 

  • Teske signed a 10-day contract with Memphis.  
  • OK's Caleb Williams is in the portal, which has become The QB Free Agency portal. 
  • Last Bowl Game tonight:  LSU and Kansas State. Please interview Brian Kelly and his new accent. 
  • 5-star OT Josh Conerly announced his top 6 of Michigan, Washington, Oklahoma, Oregon, USC, and Miami
  • 14 new Wolverines are enrolled already:
    • Grad Transfer Olu Oluwatimi
    • Connor Jones 
    • Will Johnson 
    • Kody Jones  
    • Myles Pollard 
    • Keon Sabb
    • Derrick Moore
    • Mason Graham
    • Alex Orji
    • Jayden Denegal
    • Colston Loveland
    • Tyler Morris 
    • Darius Clemons 
    • Amarion Walker


Goblu said...

Love to see all those guys enrolled already. It's ok to dream a little - would love if Dax and Ojabo stayed one more year!!

Voice of Reason said...

It's my understanding that Michigan has more scholarship players than actual scholarships, so it goes without saying that some will leave via transfer portal and others the NFL to get down to the right number. I can't help but wonder who (if anyone) of the major starters is coming back. IMHO!!!

High Sierra Howard said...

If those 14 are enrolled, there are at least 5 underclassmen from Team 142 that are no longer enrolled

Rudy said...

Williams put one foot in the tranfer portal but said he was "open to staying", which is really a way of saying "I'm a free agent, come and offer me". It's sad that the great game of college football has come to this. I'm not just putting that on the players either. When Kelley left the Domers in a pinch, he proved that it's a system-wide epidemic. The last pure bastion of sports has become cancerous like the rest. Some of the best NFL players are raping women, killing people in DUIs and ripping off their jerseys mid-game and quitting....great role models for the youngsters. Cancer. Where have you gone Bo Schembechler!