Friday, April 15, 2022

Michigan Friday: Everything Tom Brady

When you're the GOAT, retire and then come back within a few weeks, the media will have plenty to write about.  Even if he did retire, the below doesn't sound like retirement to me.

  • There was a reported plan for Tom to be President and minority owner of the Miami Dolphins before the Brian Flores lawsuit came to light.   After the allegations in the lawsuit, Tom decided to play another year in Tampa.  Part of the plan for the Dolphins, was maybe even Tom being the team's QB at some point.  (Tampa still would have had him under contract for next season).   Is this story true or false?  Hard to tell but surly plausible.  I believe Tom is building a large home in Miami. 
  • A guy bought Tom's last TD pass in an auction for over a 1/2 a million dollars.  The auction has been voided and whoever bought the ball must be feeling grateful for getting his money back.  The person selling the ball might have a different view on the matter. 
  • Tom's new Brady clothing line is introducing golf clothing.   It launches on Tuesday and a waitlist is available if you're so inclined.  
  • Tom Brady's celebrity athletes NFT Service "Autograph" is releasing Devin Booker NFT's soon. 


ScottyDoggs said...

Sabin if Alabama says the NIL rule allows you to "basically buy players" dad was in the Navy in WWII (at Normandy invasion)... to reply to Sabin he would say "No shit sailor!" My apologies for saying this on Good Friday.... still the best chocolate is those "hollow easter bunnies".

Brady2017 said...

Need to be cautious of anything Nick Satan, I mean Saban, is in favor of. Many of his former assistants have left Tuscaloosa and immediately started passing out 'bags'. Seems they are not as connected as St. Nick and cant' get away with as much.