Friday, May 20, 2022

Michigan Friday: Is on Shark Tank

Charles Matthews and a few former Michigan Basketball staffers/managers started a business called Players Trunk a few years ago.  It's a web site where players can sell their game worn gear.   With its success, the show Shark Tank reached out and Charles and another founder made the show and it's expected to air during the season finale.  Congrats to all involved!

  • I love the back and forth between Saban and Jimbo Fisher.  It's hilarious that Saban is insinuating he hasn't been buying players for years.   
  • PGA Update: When Rory plays his game, it's really something special to watch.  It's amazing a guy that size can hit the ball that far.   Tiger is just not healthy and will probably miss the cut today.   
  • Michigan Football will be hosting local boy and 5-star QB Dante Moore this weekend.  Moore is highly recruited by everyone and is getting the red-carpet treatment everywhere he goes.  This weekend should be no exception.  Michigan needs to make a great chase for this young man to stay home.  
  • Michigan Tennis lost last night and its NCAA run is over 
  • USC won the eBay action for Pitt WR Jordan Addison who was the top WR last season.


Chowman said...

I don't think Saban has been buying players......lately. When he 1st got to Bama? you betcha! they had bagmen showing up at recruits doors with bags of money. but once he got things rolling and Bama was in the CFP year and year out, don't think he had to. Now Jimbo and A&M is doing legally what Saban did in the past under the table. His hubris got the best of him, he should of just kept his mouth shut and let Fisher run his mouth.

szanreno said...

Speaking of eBay, What's the bid on the Michigan goal posts?

Goblu said...

Fisher saying that Saban has been cheating for years/years is not something the NCAA can just let slide. It means two things - a former employee has information that the boss was violating rules; and it also means that employee engaged in those violations and never reported them. Fisher is trying to damn Saban, but also is damning himself.

Voice of Reason said...

What Jimbo Fisher and Deion Sanders are doing is using the "Strawman" defense. They are deflecting the subject of the verb away from themselves onto someone or something else. With Fisher saying that Saban is attacking the "players and their families" it is designed to shame Saban, and with Sanders using the "we don't have to pay 'our own people'" argument it is to try to give a racial slant to Saban's motives which are to again to deflect the discussion away from the facts. In truth, the players and their families are the subject of the verb because they are the ones getting paid, they are receiving the money and it has become clear that the schools are instrumental in facilitating these transactions.

Now please don't misunderstand me, I am not a Nick Saban apologist nor am I begrudging the players and their families from getting paid because a number of these families are struggling financially; however, let's not pretend that these schools aren't the man behind the curtain and that these schools aren't benefiting from receiving the commitments from these students.

In my opinion, we are witnessing the beginning of the end of collegiate amatuer athletics as we've known it and it "ain't good," and we can thank the NCAA for it. IMHO!!!

Chowman said...

Goblu, are you kidding? Bama is an ATM to the NCAA. They ain't going to bite the hand that feeds them. And ol' Jimbo isn't exactly without sin. He did some shady things at FSU. You want to play college football at the highest levels you're going to..., well let's just call it cutting a few corners or pushing the envelope. Kirby Smart? Dabo? C'mon, telling me they run a squeaky clean program? Look if East Texas State A&M is caught cheating, yeah they'll bury the program. Bama, GA, Clemson, even Michigan. Big names equal to big pay checks for the NCAA. They'll look the other way as long as the school acts repentant and does the hokey pokey self sanctions dance, it'll be all cool! How else do you explain Kansas in Men's Basketball???? NCAA is as dirty as it comes.

ScottyDoggs said...

Out of curiosity I looked up on "You Tube", the Hokey Pokey "self sanctions" dance, and it was there! The hokey pokey with actions; very thoughtful presentation.

Brady2017 said...

Why do I hate USC so much? Must go back to my childhood.