Thursday, May 12, 2022

Michigan Thursday: Hits the Links

  • Michigan's Women's Golf Team has made the NCAA Finals.  They might have had an advantage as they were playing at home on Michigan's Golf Course for the first round.  Go Blue! 
  • Juwan has secured all his assistants again for next year
  • Hey Blue Jays, you don't want this smoke! 😎 Thier official twitter account tweeted out this last weekend:  Teams wearing Blue don't usually score touchdowns in Ohio on Saturday afternoons. 
  • The ACC and Big Ten are both considering getting rid of divisions in football 
  • Josh Lambo sues the Jacksonville Jags for a hostile work environment under Urban Meyer 

1 comment:

Rudy said...

Pretty clear that urban is and always has been a dbag. Organizations have always chosen to look the other way about his character flaws cuz they only cared about his wins/losses. Didn't even care that a great many of his FL natty team end up going to jail. Having said that, this K is a puss. Coach was mean to me and now I deserve $$. This is what happens when two losers lock horns.