Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: Jett to Play Melo in a LeBron Movie

Juwan Howard's son Jett is due any day on campus to start preparing for his freshmen season as a Wolverine.  Those plans might be delayed a few weeks as Jett is going to play Carmelo Anthony in a movie about LeBron called Shooting Stars.  The movie is being filmed by Universal and will be shown on NBC's Peacock streaming service.  

Per ComicBook.com: Shooting Stars chronicles how James and his best friends in Akron formed a close-knit bond that sustained them first through a failed national championship tournament to winning a title by the end of high school. Along the way, there were plenty of tests, such as broken homes, jealousies, and even James’ own mega-success.

The movie is based off a book by James and Buzz Bissinger and filming begins in Ohio this week.  There are a few young stars in the movie including: Caleb McLaughlin from Stranger Things and Algee Smith from Euphoria.  What a great opportunity for Jett! 

  • In not so shocking news, Fox will carry Michigan vs. Ohio State and it will kick off on Noon.  In other news, the sun will rise tomorrow. 
  • Michigan Basketball has 5 former players in the NBA Conference finals.  We all know about Jordan Poole, Duncan Robinson, and Tim Hardaway Jr., but let us not forget Trey Burke (Mavs) and Nik Stauskas (Celtics).  Neither Trey nor Nik is really seeing any floor time and Nik was a late in the year signee for Boston.  Duncan was used very sparling against Philly.   This guarantees at least one Wolverine will be an NBA Champion this season.
  • A real Wolverine was spotted in Montana earlier this month
  • Please keep a good thought for former Michigan assistant Calvin Magee who suffered a heart attack on Sunday night.  
  • The Pats signed Andrew Stueber last night

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