Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: News and Notes

  • The NBA Mock drafts after the combine have not been favorable to Caleb Houstan and Moussa Diabate.  Seems Moussa is not showing up on many (only SI.com at 44) and Caleb is anywhere from 30-46.  I'm a firm believer you don't leave college early to get drafted in the 2nd round and it seems both Wolverines are trending towards Round 2.   Drafting either player is purely on upside and that sounds more like the G-League than the NBA.   I still believe both should come back, but it all depends on the advice they're getting.   If I had to bet, I would bet they both stay in the draft.  
  • Gabe Newburg has lost his father.  If you're interested in helping fund the funeral, please find Gabe on IG.  RIP Scott Newburg. Please keep a good thought for Gabe and his family. 
  • Michigan's offensive coaches made some strides in the relationship this weekend with Detroit 5-star QB Dante Moore. It seems like there is still a lot of road in his recruitment before he is ready to commit.  
  • Thought of the day: If Erick All is healthy next season, is he one of the best TE's in the country?  I seem to forget him when I think about the Wolverines offensive weapons next season.   Erick had one of those season savings plays at Penn State.

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szanreno said...

You are correct. That play at Penn State was one of those where you rub your eyes and ask yourself if that's really happening...