Friday, September 23, 2022

Maryland Preview

Questionable Ball Security - Testudo Times
Time: Noon
Location: Big House
Weather: 59 - 30% of Rain
TV: Fox (Johnson & Klatt)
Line: Michigan -17

Michigan opens the Big Ten season in the comfortable confines of the Big House on Saturday afternoon.  Michigan has breezed through the pre-season with probably just one bad half.  Now, we will start to see a glimpse of what the Wolverines really have.  Tua 2 completes 77% of his passes, the O-Line has 5 returning starters, and the Terps have a few WR's that can get down field.  The Michigan defensive backfield will be tested and so will be the pass rush that has been missing the last two weeks.   The miss-match seems to be the Maryland Defense vs. Michigan Offense, Maryland struggles to stop the run and Michigan has a room full of talented RB's.  

Viewer notice: If you don't want to hear Urban Liar speaking about kicking players or Columbus restaurants, the kickoff time is scheduled for 12:10.

Dear Jimmy, 

The Big Ten season now begins and you have handled the pre-season very well.  I know many called it the non-conference but let's face it, Michigan has played 3 teams with nowhere near the talent the Wolverines have.  Warren Davis and his scout team could have won those games.  

Now it's time to tighten chin strap, double lace the shoes, and open up the playbook.  The Big Ten is here and now it's time to show how good this team really is.   I have a few thoughts and a couple of areas of concern to share with you this week.  

Has it been too easy?  I'm worried the starters haven't played more than a half of football against teams void of talent.  Maryland is not Alabama but they're an upgrade over the 3 teams that have already visited the Big House.  I hope the focus is in the right space since you are hosting a team with nothing to lose.  

Time to test the defense.  Pass rush was crazy good the first week and close to zero the next two.  Sure, the defense didn't need to show everything, but the pass rush needs to be back this week.  If the Michigan DB's are put on an island, it could be a much closer game than expected.  Tua 2 completes his passes, Terps have 3 WR's that gobble up yards, and a RB that averages nearly 10 yards per catch.   Michigan's LB and Secondary are being put on notice.  

Let the offense breathe and get the ball to the playmakers.  Would love to see Corum on the ground and 2 WR's in the air with 100 yards each.  Fire up the defense and keep confusing Tua 2 with different looks and a strong pass rush.  This should not be a shoot-out.  Play Michigan Football and win the game.  

 Michigan 31 Maryland 10


ScottyDoggs said...

I like the score prediction > if it's close to that we have a contender/not a pretender. a new season begins.... first three games were exhibition games.

Ron said...

Wish the weather was better for September game

Goblu said...

Is All injured?

Brady2017 said...

45-17, BIG BLUE

MichiganMan said...

Good guys 38--17

Blue for life....

Rudy said...

Would like to see the team get enough of a lead we can see who the first QB off the bench will be. Going to guess that Jimmy won't want to burn any red shirts at this point, but he'll also play the ones he think is best. I think we'll see Bowman.

szanreno said...

Is that a record, td 3 seconds into the game.