Monday, September 12, 2022

Michigan Monday: JJ and Warm Nebraska

Jimmy didn't wait very long to name JJ the starter for the UConn game and probably the rest of the year. Even though Cade won a Big Ten Championship last year and should be honored for that, he never looked comfortable in the offense this year and played poorly.   Did the competition get to him? He just hasn't looked himself this season through 2 games.    

JJ brings the most upside to this team and potenitally the greatest risk.  He is very talented but hasn't been down 5 with 1:40 left on the clock and needing to go 80 yards for the win in Happy Valley.   You really never know your QB until they go through a situation like that.   

Nebraska finally pulled the plug on Scott Frost on Sunday.   If they had waited 3 more weeks it would have saved them $7M in his buyout.   I'm betting a donor called and said, "I'll pay the buyout, get him the hell off campus!" Either way, that disaster is finally over for both parties.  I have a canidate they should hire and hire today, Dan Mullen.  It's going to be hard to get top canidates to come to Lincoln.   Dan can recruit and if you put strong coordinators around him, you will win a lot of games. Dan is working for ABC/ESPN and can start this week.   

Nebraska hosts Oklahoma on Saturday.  Yikes!

Too early look at UConn:

Record 1-3

Win over Central Connecticut 28-3
Losses: Utah State 31-20, Syracuse 48-14

Fun fact: Head coach Jim Mora, son of "Playoffs?"

Michigan is -46

  • Sneaky game on Saturday night: MSU @ Washington.  These Huskies are favored by 3.
  • The NFL was very sloppy on Sunday, signs that playing in the pre-season might help an offense. 


Ron said...

Yes very good point the NFL was sloppy I think you have to play in the preseason

ScottyDoggs said...

Didn't they make a movie (1959) about the Sunbelt conference? The movies name was "The Mouse that Roared" starring Marshall, and Appalachian Sate.

Brady2017 said...

Will be rooting like crazy for Washington over cow college this Saturday. First ND loses to Marshall, what could be better than a Sharty loss to shut up that obnoxious fan base and local sports radio hosts!

Chowman said...

And congratulations to James Franklin, he now is the worst game manager in the B1G.

Rudy said...

JJ is the man, but can he stay healthy? He's not a big dude and likes to take chances. Already nursing a sore throwing arm/shoulder. Cade needs to keep that helmet at the ready. As for the Dan Mullen to Braska....that dude is major dbag...hard pass. But surely hope they won't cave to temptation and hire The Cryer. Head a few miles off campus and hire that fella Campbell. He might just take the bait this time. The Detroit Fords showed that we can expect another year of disappointment. Ford = worse owners in all pro sports.