Thursday, October 27, 2022

Big Ten Preview Week 9

The Big Ten has another 5 games this weekend.  With plenty of story lines like: Will Penn State play with OSU?  Can Iowa's offense score against Northwestern?  Will Illinois continue its win streak and beat Nebraska? There is also an in-state rivalry game.  

#2 OSU (-15.5) @ #13 PSU: You know what I think about Franklin.  I don't care much for Ryan Day either, but the guy can coach while buying hair dye by the gallon.   I think a really good defense can give OSU some issues but Penn State doesn't have the talent.  This game might be close in the 1st quarter and boat race after.  OSU 51 PSU 21

#17 Illinois (-7.5) @ Nebraska: Is Illinois for real? Can Nebraska still compete for a bowl game?  Every time I think a Big Ten West team is about to step up, they fall.  Not this week.  Illinios 21 Nebraska 10

Northwestern @ Iowa: The Wildcats have yet to win in the USA this season, but Iowa is the laughing stock of the nation.  Both head coaches should shake hands, resign, and join the Big Ten Network after the game.  Iowa 7 Northwestern 3 

(Quick trivia question: Iowa has the 2nd worst offense in the nation, any guess who is the head coach of the worst? ---- Correct!  Don Brown)

Rutgers @ Minnesota (-14): The funny thing about this game is that it kicks off at 2:30 EST.  Minnesota is still struggling with the turn of the calendar from September to October.  They find a way to win this one.  Minnesota 28 Rutgers 20

  • Michigan's 2023 Football schedule was released yesterday:


MichiganMan said...

Bob I didn't like you taking a shot at Don Brown.... That is my job...

Blue for life
Don Brown for Mayor!!

ScottyDoggs said...

Tom Brady news and talk has died down a bit (so it seems) .... but I switched sides and now Believe Brady won't let go of something that is history .... ruining his family and passing up the lucrative sportscaster contract is just wrong. Did Ye and Brady go to the same school ... "how to throw everything away with your decisions". The "Gronk" knows better, Brady is a has-been and should let go ... enough is enough. When he does want to be a sportscaster, the big money won't be as high (my opinion). To save face he ought to hang it up now! Let it go Brady!