Friday, November 4, 2022

Rutgers Preview

Time: 7:30
Location: SHI Stadium 
Weather: 67 No Rain
Line: Michigan - 26

Remember when Rutgers really wanted to be Michigan's rival and sent out a message from some mystery group and put another message on a high school field?  That happened because Michigan was pulling Peppers and Gary out of NJ.   Then Michigan showed up and beat Rutgers 100-0 and that talk quickly disappeared. 

Sailboat Bill tried to hire Greg Schiano as head coach and for some reason Greg turned down the offer. Thank goodness that never happened.  Greg headed to Tampa Bay and flamed out quickly, went to Ohio State as the DC for a few years, got hired at Tennesse for 5 minutes until the students protested for his role in Penn State's Sandusky situation.   After being out of coaching for a few years, Rutgers hired him back after a long negotiation.  No, Thanks! 

Dear Jimmy, 

It's been an interesting week.  It's not every Monday where you need to discuss criminal charges with the last opponent in the Big House.   You handled that situation very well and the entire MSU program should be forced to transfer to their satellite campus in Jackson, Michigan.  I hope Green and McBurrows are doing ok after that attack in the tunnel.  

With all that happened last Saturday, it's time to focus on Rutgers and the trip to NJ.   The Big Ten Network loves that Michigan primetime uptick in viewers and again put this game on at night.   This Rutgers team is getting better has they have used the transfer portal for a quick turnaround.

Their defense is not bad and only gives up 22 points per game but their offense struggles and you might see 3 different QB's on Saturday night.   The key will be to stop the QB runs.  Rutgers will try to trick the Michigan defenders into believing pass when all they want to do is try to get the QB out of the pocket for a big gainer on the ground.   If the defensive line stays in their lanes and the LB's read and react you will be just fine on stopping that offense.  

On offense, I would really like to see a bit more from the passing game.  JJ needs a 300-yard game and the WR's need some love.   How about we get Anthony and Clemons a few targets each?  Both can be game breakers and we need some of those before the trip to Ohio.  

Michigan has tended to play down to its opponents on the road this season.  Let's try not to do that on Saturday night, play clean football and don't turn the ball over.   It's been a strange week and the team's mind could be elsewhere, we need them focused on Rutgers and this business trip.  

Play Michigan Football and get the W. 

Michigan 48 Rutgers 14


szanreno said...

Every year the week before we played Rutgers I have nightmares every night about Gary Nova having a career game against us back in 2014. The guy did not miss a beat all night long...

Rudy said...

Happy with two things; a Michigan win and a healthy team afterwards.