Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Breaking News: The GOAT Calls It a Day

Tom Brady has retired from the NFL and the second time is the final time.  As we know, as year ago to the day, he retired the first time and quickly came back in true Groundhog Day fashion. 

He will be known as the greatest Michigan Wolverine Football player ever.  Rest easy, GOAT you left your legacy.  You're a true Michigan Man. 

Moving on to other news:

Per some reports Jimmy was the Bronco's #1 option and he turned them down.  If Jimmy really wanted back to the NFL, he had his chance and had to say no twice.  Then the Broncos tried to talk DeMeco Ryans out of going to the Texans.  He also declined and then Denver had to give up valuable draft picks to sign Sean Payton.  A team like the Broncos needs those picks as they try to get better. 

Jimmy has not won a National Championship at Michigan but this should cement in most people's mind that he is one of the best coaches in college football.  You don't see the NFL coming after Kirby Smart for example. 

Moving on to NSD Part 2:

  • Harbor announces at 1:00.  I wouldn't hold your breathe on this one. Michigan has a punchers chance but expect some big NIL $$ to come in from other programs. Went to South Carolina
  • Hopefully, we get good news from Stanford commit DL Cam Brandt today at some point. 👍
  • Another prospect is Chicago nose tackle Jamel Howard, who could go back to Wisconsin or follow some NIL $$ to another program.  Michigan seems to be on the outside looking in on this one.
As I mentioned yesterday, the staffs focus is on the 2024 class and beyond. 

  • I did not realize yesterday, that 4 star 2024 DB Jacob Oden is a legacy recruit as his dad Rod Oden was a walk-on full back in Ann Arbor and currently the head coach of Harper Woods.  Jacob is committing on Thursday. 


Ron said...

I thought academics meant a lot to Harbor, if that was the case he'd be a Michigan man

Chowman said...

Look as a UofM fan, he should retired after the SB with TB. It's almost sad that these guys try to hang on way past their time. Watched a TB game this year and he looked baked! Felt the same way watching Peyton Manning not being able to throw the ball 20 yds down field when Denver won a SB inspite of him. Then watching Drew Brees at the end of his career, throwing for "air feet" as he couldn't push the ball downfield to save his life. I hope Matthew Stafford follows suit. Not a fan, but it was cringe worthy watching him get multiple concussions this season. There's a life after football!

Chowman said...

Ron, I'll get ripped for this, but Harbors kinda comes off as a prima donna. His priority is really track. Its why he doesn't want to play on defense, he doesn't want to put on any weight and lose any speed. His ultimate goal is running in the Olympics. It's been said he wants to play as a flex TE in college. Not sure that really fits what UofM is trying to do. TEs at Michigan HAVE to block. And if track is his priority, then Oregon has always had a really good program. Is he really going to put it all on the line and get his nose dirty playing football if he has olympic aspirations?

High Sierra Howard said...

Brandt flipped to Michigan

Brady2017 said...

NIL is a game changer. Schools like South Carolina can now get 5 stars if they pay up. But that doesn't mean schools are winning with these recruits. Lot of em take the cash and bail a year or two later. Heck, the ex-Florida QB bailed without playing a down. Watch for Harbor to be in the portal when he gets tired of going 4-7 every year.

Brady2017 said...

All hail the GOAT! Brady gave it everything he had and set records that may never be broken. Brady had class and dignity, and was a fierce competitor. A true Maize and Blue warrior! Thanks for 23 years of memorable football!

Chowman said...

Here's something that needs to be factored in with Harbors. He wants to run in the Olympics. 2024 Olympic games start in July 2024, so its very likely that South Carolina isn't going have in on the field till after the 2024 Olympics. He's not going to risk an injury playing football and jeopardize his Olympic dream. So no 2023 football, no spring camp in 2024, and most likely won't be ready for fall camp in 24 either. So that's 2 yrs of him not playing football. That's fine if your BYU, and you got guys going on Mormon missions. I get the 5 star hang up, and I firmly believe its the Jimmys and Joes over the Xs and Os, but that's a ton of development he's probably going to miss. And he really isn't a fit for what Michigan wants to run. Best o'luck to him!

Rudy said...

As the day wraps up, the class is ranked around #20. Since the inception of the playoffs, no team has had back to back playoff years and finished out of the top 10 for recruiting. Does it matter? You look at the top 5 ranked schools and they are the ones always in the playoff mix. As Jimbo can't out-coach recruiting! Not sure if it's the academics (which I doubt) or the NIL, or Jimmy's dalliance's with the NFL but there's no excuse not to be landing a top 5 class!

ScottyDoggs said...

You really have to consider what you get in the transfer portal and the traditional way of recruiting, add both together and Jimmy might be ranked 8th to 12th (just saying) Must consider both nowadays (me thinks)!