Monday, February 27, 2023

Michigan Monday: Hunter Splash

Did Hunter make the biggest shot of his career in his last appearance in Crisler? He first caught a difficult pass, took a dribble, and then hit a 3 at the buzzer to take the game against Wisconsin to OT.  Then Michigan played well and won the game.   A gutty preformance for a team that is living on the bubble and fighting for its NCAA Tourney invite. 

This team seems to be starting to find its lane and playing good basketball.  I think Juwan is finding it difficult to develop these kids in a very small window, as they seem to play much better at the end of the season vs. the start.  Then they jump to the league or transfer and then it's time to start over again.  It's also why you have seen inconsistent times with UNC, Duke and UK this season. 

Hunter of course is a junior and could come back for another year if NIL continues to be strong vs. a professional contract.  Michigan has two difficult road games this week against IU and Illinois prior to the Big Ten Tournament starting. 

  • RIP Don Shane, who many of us grew up watching.

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