Monday, May 22, 2023

Michigan Monday: Leadership Mistakes

I don't know Shemy Schembechler but when I heard of his hiring about 6 weeks ago, I was concerned.  I didn't know about his social media habits or even what his career was.  Over the years, I had just heard rumors that Shemy was a bit of a polarizing figure. 

If you read this blog every day, you heard the news that Shemy was hired back in March, so it's a bit suspect that it took until May to confirm it and even a shorter amount of time for him to resign. 

We can all see this working in Jimmy's head, right?  Shemy reaches out after being let go by the Raiders in January and Jimmy said we will find a place for him at Michigan.   Shemy of course is the son of Bo and Millie and having a Schembechler working in Schembechler Hall just seems right.   Jimmy turns it over to Warde and team and the hiring process begins.   I'm sure they did a standard background check that probably came up clean.  What didn't come up clean was his behavior on social media.  

The Michigan Athletic Department and Jimmy are taking heat for this hire and its justified.  They should have known.  The fans knew, I knew, they should've known.  

That leads me to the 2nd leadership mistake to take place in the Big Ten.  

It seems Kevin Warren negotiated a TV contract with NBC that breaks a few rules.  Now, there is a problem.  

1. Warren delivered the Big Ten Championship Game to NBC in a few years which caused a huge penalty payment to Fox, who co-owns the Big Ten Network with the Big Ten. 

2. There is also confusion around inventory and pecking order of games each week. 

3. The Big Ten owes Fox $25M for the loss of revenue in the limited 2020 COVID season.

4. NBC did not know about the Big Ten rule about not playing late November games on Primetime.  Michigan, OSU, and PSU are pushing back.

Welcome to your new job Mr. Commissioner. 

NBC is pissed and balking at the current contract which is not fully signed.  The Big Ten is now considering if Warren is owned a large bonus for getting a TV deal done that really isn't done.  They have hired Korn Ferry to consider if this deal is bonus worthy or not.   Save the legal fees, it isn't.

Thank you, Chicago Bears, for taking Kevin Warren off the Big Ten hands, it seems Kevin wasn't the great business man and internal communicator we all thought he was.  

Bottom line, NBC should've known about the Big Ten rule about not playing Primetime games in November and Kevin Warren should've known what he was negotiating was not feasible for the league or its schools.   Leadership mistakes all around. 

  • The ACC seems to be at a cross roads as the SEC and Big Ten are distancing themselves from the field.  Could we see a mass exodus?  There are rumors floating around that it could happen. 
  • I loved the Michael Block story line this weekend at the PGA Championship.  That was a fairy tale weekend for him and the fans watching it. 
  • I'm not sure I've ever seen Duncan Robinson play a better basketball game than he did last night.
  • Darien Mayo has Michigan in his top 6, Mayo is a 4-star Edge in the 2024 class out of Good Counsel in Maryland.  


Chowman said...

I've never been known as a Jim Harbaugh apologist, but I can't hang the Shemmy vetting on him. If you want to say that Jim shouldn't of been hooking Shemmy up with a cush gig? Ok, can't argue that, but that's what is done in all levels of sports. Boys hooking up their boys! On the other hand, I've been very critical of the job Warde Manuel has done as the AD at Michigan, and this adds to a long list of his mess ups. That's on him to make sure there's no skeleton's in Shemmy's closet. Especially for a guy that has a reputation! Jim told Shemmy he's find him a job and then passed that along to Warde. Warde should of been making sure all the I's were dotted and all the T's crossed!

Cormac said...

Many people have transferred some or most of their hate for Bo to Shemy. Then people, in a particular one person, went after Shemy with a vengeance. This entire affair is disgusting. Especially with some "Michigan fans" throwing out names and charges like they were candy.

Chowman said...

Cormac: I'm not sure about the Bo thing. It just SM is an ugly place, lots of hate and vitriol. I like Thomas Sowell, I like his opinions on economics. But saying slavery/Jim Crow made black people better stronger, is not a good take, even it if was taken out of context. You're free to read it, you're free to agree with it, its when you start going out and supporting it, i.e. liking it on Twitter is when you get into hot water. Especially if you in the public eye. Joe Schmoe? Nobody cares! But if you're in the public, there are people that are gunning for you. That's why I wouldn't use it! I don't have Twitter or IG and the only reason I have FB is for market place. I've shut off all my friends notifications. I saw years ago how it caused bitterness and even threat of violence between people that were friends. Something about that little screen or PC between people that allow people to say things that they'd never say to each other's faces. SM has devolved civilized society. I have a SIL that believes every person that doesn't have the same opinion as her is an idiot. I told her opinions are like bleep holes, we all have them, and most stink!