Friday, August 25, 2023

Michigan Friday: The Most Harbaugh Thing Ever

Jimmy is famous for a lot things, a few that come to mind are buying khakis at Walmart, climbing a tree with a recruit, doing summer camps shirtless, taking his team on European vacations, or having a sleep over at a recruit's house.  

Now the NCAA has stepped in and Jimmy is taking a 3-game vacation from the team because he didn't recall buying a kid a cheeseburger during COVID.  Jimmy has decided he wants his entire staff to get head coaching experience but the kicker is there will always be 2 Harbaugh's on the sideline. 

First let's discuss who is coaching what:

Jesse Minter will be the head coach for the opener against ECU.
Jay Harbaugh will be the head coach for the first half of UNLV and Mike Hart the second half.
Sherrone Moore will be the head coach for the Bowling Green game.

Ben Herbert is the associate head coach for the games and the big news is Jack Harbaugh will be the assistant Head Coach.  Yes, Jimmy has hired his father to be on the sideline while he is gone.  That might be the biggest Harbaugh thing ever. 

  • Week 0 starts on Saturday and I'm excited for really bad match-ups.  ND and USC are notable teams that will be in action. 

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szanreno said...

Gotta love how Harbaugh thinks outside the box. Hahahaha.....