Thursday, August 31, 2023

Michigan Thursday: First Big 10 Prediction Thread of the Year: Week 1

Tonight, the Big Ten conference kicks off with a conference game.  Let's get right to it! 

Thursday Night Game:

Nebraska @ Minnesota -7: This reminds me of the time Harbaugh took over Michigan's program and went to Utah to play on a Thursday night to open FS1's College Football coverage.  Michigan didn't fare too well in that game and Vegas believes this is the same for Matt Rhule's first game leading the Cornhuskers.  Minnesota 21 Nebraska 17


Central Michigan @ MSU -14: The Chips and Tuck are both coming to East Lansing for Sparty's traditional Friday Night opening game.  We know the Chips are well coached but not quite sure about the Spartans.  MSU 27 CMU20


Utah State @ Iowa -24: This could be a sneaky good game.  Is Cade and All healthy?  Can Iowa move the football? Utah State has been a decent team in the past.  I wish the former Wolverines the best, but can they out play the Iowa offensive curse?  Seems like a lock Utah State and the points: Iowa 14 Utah State 9

Fresno State @ Purdue -4: This is another upset alert game for the Boilermakers.  Who is the head coach of Purdue now?  I like Fresno State in this one.  Fresno 31 Purdue 30

#2 Ohio State -30 @ Indiana: Not sure how this has become a weird opening weekend tradition.  If you're going to get the Buckeyes, do it on opening day when they are introducing a new QB.  I don't think IU has the talent to do so.  OSU 38 IU 10

Buffalo @ Wisconsin -28: Buffalo plays hard for the former 5-minute Michigan coach.  Wisconsin will try to be a different team under former Buckeye, Luke Fickell.  Wisconsin 41 Buffalo 20

Towson @ Maryland (NL): Tua 2 will have a huge day.  Maryland 51 Towson 6

West Virgina @ Penn State -20.5:  Best game of the weekend.  I like Penn State in this one but think WVU will be competitive.  Line is too high in my mind.  PSU 30 WVU 27

Toledo @ Illinois -9.5: Third upset alert of the week!  Be very careful here Illinois.  Illinois 18 Toledo 14


Northwestern @ Rutgers -6.5: Are both programs a disaster? Maybe.  I hope AJ plays well.  Rutgers 12 NW 10

  • Ronnie Bell had 5 forced miss tackles in the NFL preseason, ranked #1 for all WR's.

  • Nike, what are you doing? 


Brady2017 said...

When Cade and Erik were Wolverines, I loved em. But they chose to leave the program. Jimmy didn't kick them out or cut them. So I approach them the same way I dealt with ex girlfriends. If you chose to leave, then you're dead to me. Don't give me any of that warm fuzzy memories crap. So to All and McNamarra, I hope you get blown out by 21 points and embarrass yourselves.You're no Michiganmen!

Brady2017 said...

Weren't there snide comments by McNamarra and All that were degrading to Michigan after they left? I won't forget that. Duche bags. Hope they break a leg. GO BLUE!

MichiganMan said...

I wish both of them. Good luck and they both have a great season and make it to the NFL.

Blue for life