Sunday, September 10, 2023

UNLV Post Game

Christina Merrill |

Week 2 looked a lot like Week 1 as the Wolverines dominated another non-conference opponent.  UNLV had some decent players but could not match Michigan's talent and depth at any of the 3 phases of the game.  JJ was nearly perfect but there are always Cheers and Jeers, let's get right to them.

  • JJ is making great decisions and had another master's class at the QB position
  • Corum with 3 TD's and ran hard
  • Roman seems to be JJ's favorite target 
  • Michigan finally had some QB pressures with 5 sacks 
  • OL again with great pass pro
  • Played a ton of players in this game 
  • Defense with another shutout until garbage time
  • JJ's tribute to his friend and former UNLV player was special 
  • Ken Grant had a nice game!
  • Liked seeing Tyler Morris involved in the offense
  • Running game is still not right 
  • Michigan needs to find more ways to get Edwards involved 
  • Tuttle's first play of his Michigan career gets a penalty and he gets injured
  • Unless it's a scramble out of bounds, JJ does not need to be running against UNLV
  • Late TD against walk-on's kills the cover and shutout
Not a lot to complain about as the Wolverines prepare to host BGSU under the lights next weekend.  Running game is not ready to dominate yet, but the offense is more balanced which we hoped for last season.  If the run gets going, look out! 

Other Big Ten thoughts:
  • How does Nebraska get a transfer QB that turns the ball over when Nebraska biggest issue is turning the ball over?
  • Wisconsin has another disappointing loss against Washington State
  • Biff put a scare into Maryland 
  • Purdue with delays has an 8-hour game and gets a W against the ACC 
  • Mel Tucker maybe in some hot water in East Lansing for an off-field situation
  • Cade struggled against Iowa state 12/22 for 123 yards and a pick 
  • Iowa's defense again scores and saves the game for the Hawkeyes
  • Northwestern ends their long losing streak


Froglipps said...

I believe the Michigan State coach is history....unless he blames his actions on the result of slavery for his ancestors (traumatic stress disorder passed on thru generations, causing him to touch himself constantly to relieve tensions).

Someone keeps referring to Colorado as a clown show, but if it is .... it's a rather impressive undefeated clown show.

I go back to the seventies and eighties, where the non-conference schedule could be rather difficult, these constant cupcakes are a bore, but then again, my body is not out there getting a beating either. I guess the extra game or two added made this happen.

Ron said...

You should ban froglips­čś×

Froglipps said...

Actually, I should get ahold of good ol' Mel Tucker .... See Melvin believes in past life's ... I want to discuss with him the possibilities that he was a cricket and died violently from a Praying Mantis chewing off his head. He suffered tremendous nightmares and that's why he called her up while he was "rubbing off" himself. In reality he did nothing wrong, except if he bought her a cheeseburger then all bets are off ... to the dungeon with him!

Froglipps said...

Ron I did not recognize you without your Ronald Mcdonald clown suit on!

Froglipps said...

Ron that's Froglipps with two p's for two lips like you use both lips when you go down on some guy.

Froglipps said...

Is the "Peter play" while you're talking to a pretty lady in the Michigan State playbook, do all the quarterbacks have to memorize this play and practice it by calling RANDOM FEMALES. Go State!!

Froglipps said...

Thank God it's proven he was not home during the "pocket pool" incident .... I would not put it past him to call up his love interest, joyfully relieve himself, then wipe off the "little swimmers" in his sleeping wife's hair .... gag me with a spoon! (valley speak!)

Ron said...

Oh sorry frog-ASS.. let me change it to your real name

MichiganMan said...

Leave Ron alone Frog man....we respect each other in this blog...

Blue for life