Saturday, November 18, 2023

Maryland Post Game

Isaiah Hole

Michigan won a football game today, it was the 1000th win in school history. It was not pretty for the Wolverines who struggled with the Turtles most of the day. JJ looked to me like he wasn't feeling well and played one of his worst games since Bowling Green. Yes, the wind was blowing hard, which made it difficult to throw but the entire offense looked sluggish all afternoon.

Michigan, which seems to have a traditional bad game the week before Ohio State, continued that trend today.  Do you guys remember a pass break up in the end zone when the Brady Hoke led Ball State almost upset Michigan the weekend before the OSU game?  Yes, Michigan played a MAC team late in November.  The week before OSU, Michigan always seems to have a number of injuries, this came was no exception as Michigan went deep into the depth chart on the offensive line.

Michigan strangely had 2 Safeties and a fumble return for a TD.  The defense basically scored 11 points today in an Iowa like win.  With those stats, you would think Michigan's Defense had a good game, they really had one of its worst efforts of the year.  They gave up the most points and struggled on 3rd down.  

Still a win is a win and that was the goal for the day.   The Wolverines will have to play much better next weekend if they're going to face Iowa in Indy. 


  • 11-0
  • 1000 wins
  • The game was on the line on 4th and 1 and Michigan got 1.5 yards
  • Blocked Punt
  • 2 Picks by Mikey
  • Tua 2 last throw at home was a grounding call for a safety
  • Tommy Doman was great punting and probably deserves a game ball
  • Semaji with a big TD
  • More 78
  • Oline continues to struggle and now with injuries
  • Blake has fumbled 2 weeks in a row but each time Michigan recovered
  • JJ could have thrown 3 picks, had just 1 
  • Mason Graham with a bad penalty to continue a Maryland drive 
  • Michigan could not stop WR screens on 3rd down 
  • Roman Wilson went out with an injury early 
  • I believe Josh Wallace got pulled 
  • The 2-point play fade? 
  • Michigan was way too conservative on 3rd down play calling 
  • Michael Barrett has a sprained AC joint 
  • Pick in the end zone was a killer 
  • Secondary struggled in short routes and long routes 
  • Defense couldn't stop the Bush Push 
  • Josh Gattis called a pretty good game against his former team

It was an ugly win but a win is a win.  Did they miss Harbaugh? maybe.  JJ does not seem to have his best stuff when Sherrone is the acting head coach.  Yes, he was the acting HC for the BGSU game.  

My concern for next week is we need JJ to play his best football and the secondary is going to struggle against the talented OSU WR's.  The last two "good" QB's Michigan D has faced has lit up the Michigan secondary.  Luckily, Michigan got the good and bad Tua 2 today.

Big Ten Today:
  • OSU takes care of the gophers
  • MSU gets a win 
  • Northwestern becomes bowl eligible (who had that one in the beginning of the year?)
  • Iowa continues to win games by only playing defense 
  • Iowa will be in Indy 
  • Penn State struggles early with Rutgers and then puts them away


Goblu said...

Weird game indeed. Wonder how things would have played out if JJ didn’t toss that pick before 1/2.

I’m worried about next week. Feels like both teams are moving if diff directions. And we aren’t moving in the right one.

szanreno said...

I agree. The td before the half could have been the dagger but,,,, so many reads could be made from this game. Tua was dropping dimes at one point. An ugly win is a win. Go Blue!

Chowman said...

Wins a win, but............ It looked like Michigan was going to roll after the 1st qtr and then Maryland adjusted. I think Moore thought Michigan was just going to run the ball down the Terps throat, but they adjusted and slowed the run game down. Didn't think the secondary outside of Mikey S. played all that well, including Will Johnson. Wallace HAS to locate the ball. He plays sound positionally, but has a habit on not looking back for the ball. Needs to do a better job of reading the WRs eyes. Hopefully LaDarius Henderson or Myles Hinton or both are back for next Saturday. An OL of Karsen Barnhart and Trente Jones would be brutal! Speaking of Barnhart, when is Moore going to give him some help on the edge on pure passing downs. He gets torched by the speed rush every time! Donovan Edwards had at least one bad read, where he should of helped out on the blocking of the end but instead released into the middle for a pass. Finally, JJ needs to be better. That game was below average for him in my book. Yeah, he made some throws but missed a lot. You cannot be late throwing over the middle. You either throw early or not at all over the middle. The pick in the endzone was particularly egregious cause he damn near threw one the play before. Not only did he try throwing late in the middle, but across his body near the endzone. Horrible decision there! He also threw many balls behind his receivers. I get it was windy, but to me it looked more like an issue on being indecisive and not weather.

Tom said...

Here is my suggestion for Jim Harbaugh:

1) After 2023, take basically a year off personally - but in official capacity, remain the head coach of Michigan.

2) Take a self-imposed pay cut to $1 million per year and take a self-imposed "1 year suspension" - based on the terms of the present fraud BS Big Ten suspension. Recruit, be at practices, lead, give speeches to the kids, be the heart and sole of the team and don't abadndon the players - but leave the primary responsibilities to Moore (as against PSU/Maryland/OSU).

3) Give Moore a $5 million dollar raise to be the OC and interim acting HC while Jimmy takes some time off with his family but offically call the year a "voluntary 1 year suspension" to appease whoever in the Big Ten and NCAA has a broom-stick up their ass against Michigan which will call out this psyop and coordinated scam against Michigan and Harbaugh.

4) Return in 2025 as full coach with a contract extension and you will have paid an official price of penalty that could possibly be imposed on "stealing signs" and "cheeseburger gate"

5) Jim will get a year of relaxation to be with his beautiful family, give Coach Moore the due respect, money, and experience for his future, and it will thumb Michigan's nose at the elite phonies in the Big Ten and NCAA.

Chas said...

Another jeer should be clock management! Late in the game when they needed to eat up the clock they snapped the ball with 7 seconds on the play clock and on the next play, 20 seconds. Fortunately they got a first down to end the game so it wasn't an issue, but it could have been. Sure don't want to mismanage the clock like this against OSU! There has go to be someone on the team that can count backwards from 40, multiply by 3 and remember that clocks don't work in base 10.