Friday, November 17, 2023

Maryland Preview

Time: 12:00
Location: SECU Stadium 
Weather: 57 Sunny 
TV: Fox (Johnson & Klatt)
Line: Michigan -21

An old friend in Josh Gattis is helping run the Maryland offense, he left Michigan with a big trophy for being the top coordinator in the country and a big pay check from Miami.  He failed quickly at Miami and is now at Maryland.  Remember when there was an argument about who was calling the plays at Alabama?  Josh or Mike Locksley?  Well, they are back together again and it seems it's easier to call plays when you have Bama's talent.  

Maryland has had a few streaks this season.  A 5-game win streak to start the year, followed by a 4-game losing streak that included OSU and PSU.  They now have a 1 game win streak after a 13-10 win over Nebraska last week.

Dear Jimmy, 

Well, the last time I wrote you a note, you were still the active head football coach and preparing for Penn State.  Then the Big Ten stepped in and suspended you for 3 games.  The TRO didn't get approved and you have a hearing this Friday, before your team leaves for College Park.   It seems the temperature for granting the TRO might not be in Michigan's favor and you might be watching on TV as the Wolverines gets its 1000 win.    I believe the Big Ten showed a huge lack of leadership and rushed to judgement because a bunch of terrible Big Ten programs had their feelings hurt because Michigan's second team could beat their 1st team.  

I don't understand why you and U of M agreed to this settlement at all.  There must be a lot we don't know.  

Back to Football............. 

I loved how the team reacted to your suspension and how your league and collegiate governing body are working actively against you.  Now, you're back on the road and your team has another hill to climb.  Maryland wasn't the threat they were weeks ago but this game is the definition of a trap game.  You had #10 last week and #2 coming up next week. 

Tua 2 might be the best QB your team has seen this year and you will need to consistently pressure him.  This game means a ton to the emotional Josh Gattis who feels he drove Michigan's success when we know that's not true (as it was clearly a lower-level staffer running a ticket broker/vacuum repair business).

Continue to run the ball but we need to let JJ air it out a little more on offense.  Pressure the hell out of Maryland's questionable offensive line and cover their WR's.   Josh is going to throw the kitchen sink at your defense and expect everything from trick plays to fake punts.  He would love nothing more than upsetting the program that didn't believe in him (which is starting to be a decent number of programs). 

Play Michigan Football, keep the noise out, focus on playing clean winning football and everything else will take care of itself.  Good luck in court and I hope they see your side of the story.  

Michigan 42 Maryland 12


Brady2017 said...

Bob with the early post, I love it! Really enjoyed my pancakes reading the Bighouse Blog (the most important news of the day). I worry about Tua's deep ball. Let's not get burned deep and we'll be fine. UM- 34, UM- 20. GO BLUE!

Tim said...

Go Blue.

I am assuming there are some things we do not know, and maybe will never know regarding the settlement. It is hard to fight city hall. With the B10 making it about sportsmanship it made it very subjective. And maybe M felt it would be best to just close the book and focus 100% on football.

With the hot recruiting period right around the corner it is good that this is behind Jimmy. I am really hoping for a massive contract extension soon. If they won the TRO it could drag out for months. With that dragging on w/o a contract extension there would be massive negative recruiting. Hopefully having this behind Jimmy with a new contract in hand (please !) the class of 2024 will end well.

Blue said...

University of Michigan (regents) bent over this Ohio St. led hit job to where we were all standing together in fighting this BIG conference mob rule suspension on Harbaugh to a university that capitulates again showing itself to be spineless.

The university (regents) has in my view embarrassed their fans, their players, and coaches into believing they were 100% backing Harbaugh in his fight of being suspended without due process, and has instead turned belly-up without a fight making it seem, for those looking in, that all those ill-alleged media allegations brought forth against the Michigan's football team now have their basics.

Where I was once convince Harbaugh would be back coaching football going forward having Michigan's universal backing, not so much anymore.

So It is what it is, and we move on, to what degree this effects "The Game" without Harbaugh on the sidelines is anyone's guess other than it does, thankfully we have one of the best player-led focused teams that I've had the pleasure of witnessing throughout my Michigan football years, so "Just go out and win baby!"

Brady2017 said...

Tim- DING DING DING DING! Winner Winner, chicken dinner. You nailed it. The recruiting factor in this whole sign stealing fiasco is what it is all about. You don't want to lose one single recruit due to bad publicity. And that is what the sign stealing whining and complaining was set out to do- damage Michigan's reputation, cost Michigan recruits, and cost Michigan wins. Let's hope none of the haters agenda is accomplished. Go Jimmy! Go Blue!!

Brady2017 said...
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Brady2017 said...

To those thinking this suspension will force Harbaugh to go to the NFL, I see it the opposite. Jimmy is a competitor. His fire burns for rivalries and it feeds off of hatred. This guy played QB in the NFL for 15 years. He thrived under pressure and was nicknamed 'The Comeback Kid' for his late minute, game winning drives. This ain't the kind of guy that packs up his stuff and leaves when the going gets tough. This whole sign stealing, NCAA investigation has made Jimmy mad (it's made me mad) and want to stick it up everyone's, well, I'll let you fill in the black. Bottom line, don't make Jimmy mad. You wouldn't like him when he's mad. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and Jimmy's stirring up something in his kitchen as we speak. Go get 'em, Jimmy!

szanreno said...

"Careful who you make the villain... "

UM player unknown...