Monday, December 11, 2023

Michigan Monday: New Commit and More Basketball Silliness

Before we welcome a new 2024 defensive line commit to Michigan's Football team.  We need to address a twitter rumor that got out of control on Sunday night.  First off, Michigan Basketball won a road game against Iowa on Sunday.  Then all hell broke loose on Twitter or X.  

The rumor was that Juwan and S&C coach Jon Sanderson got into a physical altercation late last week at practice and that Michigan was forcing Juwan to resign.  So real insiders started to investigate and here is what seems to be accurate.  

1. There was not a physical altercation between Juwan and Sanderson. 
2. There might have been a heated argument between the two. 
3. Juwan's status has not changed as he heals from his heart procedure. 
4. Michigan is looking into the argument as Juwan as a zero incident policy after the Wisconsin face push a couple years ago.  

Twitter/x can be a toxic place and my recommendation is to only get news from trustworthy sources.  Even John U Bacon got fooled by a fake account last night.  

Now on to the good news.  Michigan reeled in a recruit they have been high on for some time in 3-star DL Deyvid PalePale, who flipped over from USC.   Early signing period, which has become the National Signing day is scheduled in 10 days and the Michigan staff are busying visiting commits and prospects while preparing for Alabama.  This is where a strong staff comes into play! 

Deyvid is 6'3 305 pounds and had offers from likes of Ohio State, OK, ND, Miami, Colorado, Florida, Tenn, PSU, Washington, Wisconsin, and many more.  He maybe a 3-star but that is a 4-star offer list.  

Welcome Deyvid and you made the right decision! 

  • Junior Colston has won the Lott Impact Trophy which honors college football's defensive best in character and performance.  Well Done Junior! 

  • MSU hired Minnesota's DC as the new Spartans DC.  One bad MSU social media account, called him the best DC in the Big Ten as Minnesota had the 10th ranked defense in the Big 10.   😂
  • Blake Corum had a toy drive at the Somerset Mall this weekend.  Thousands of people showed up and the toy estimate was in neighborhood of 20,000-25,000 toys donated.  A true Michigan Man. 
  • Michigan RB CJ Stokes has entered the transfer portal.  Good Luck to CJ at his next school. 
  • The Detroit Lions are now inventing new ways to hurt us.  
  • With everyone mad at the NFL officiating, I need to reiterate how good the officiating was in the Big Ten this season.  I've stated many times that the Big Ten officiating was not only bad it was awful.  It was pretty damn good this season and they deserve their flowers. 


Chowman said...

I'm about ready to move on from Juwan. Dude has anger issues that are unbecoming of a HC at Michigan. Beyond that, he had heart surgery in the offseason. He just needs to go heal, and maybe move on with his life. Look, fans will overlook some stuff if your coach is a perennial winner, but for the most part, Juwan has underachieved when you look at his recruiting classes in the past.

Chowman said...

And I know this isn't a Detroit Lions site, but other than the one year with Suh, the Lions have always overlooked the D. Brad Holmes did it again this year and its going to came back to bite him. He failed to address the most effective way to slow down opposing offenses: getting to the QB. He's gotten Hutch no help. Opposing QBs have all the time in the world and when the rush does get close, the QB just exits stage left and scrambles for a big gain or extends the play for a big pass play. They only time the pass rush has been effective is against immobile QBs

Ron said...

I hear what you're saying about juwan, it's a shame but he is a very good recruiter yes his anger is somewhat unbecoming of a coach at the collegiate level

Chowman said...


Its just not what you want your young athletes to see. One of the best attributes of an athlete at any level is composure, and Juwan just doesn't have it.

BlueManGroup said...

I concur that the Big10 officiating was uncharacteristically good this year. One could argue that Michigan actually had a couple ticky-tack calls work in their favor against PSU and OSU. As much as pundits like Klatt believed Michigan would be hurt by not having Harbaugh's presence on the sidelines to keep the refs in check, one could argue that having a calm Sherrone Moore on the sidelines might have resulted in getting the unbiased officiating. Who knows, but I fully except the biased officiating to rear it's ugly head in the playoffs. BTW - next year at this time, we'll have playoff football to look forward to on Friday/Saturday and maybe even a game at the Big House.

Brady2017 said...

Juwan is an intense individual. That said, if channeled properly, can be an attribute. Perhaps a few anger management classes might help. But, as the expression goes, 'Don't throw the baby out with the bath water'. In other words, let's not overreact. You don't find too many basketball minds like Juwan's, yet alone his playing career and playing time here at Michigan. You don't just let someone go because they have a temper. If that was the case, Woody Hayes, Bo, Bobby Knight, and even the angry elf Tom Izzo, would have been fired a looong time ago.

Brady2017 said...

Chowman- Now you want Juwan fired? Didn't you want Harbaugh fired at one point as well? These are Sparty hater takes. I'm starting to wonder about you. Are you hanging out with MichiganMan?

Voice of Reason said...

Watch the video:

Assuming these things are accurate this is my take on it. 1) There's enough blame to go around. First I will say that Jace should have taken his issue to Sanderson if he's not happy with his progress. One of the key principles that all programs with interactive parts should know regarding protocols of issues and responsibilities is to know, "Who owns the problem." Everyone in that program should be able to process that question when an issue arises. Here starting out Jace should have known, "this is my concern, and my responsibility to take it to my S&C coach to help me resolve this," not his teammates. 2) Sanderson, when he heard Jace going off, he should have kept his kool and asked Jace to come into his office to process and unpack Jace's concern. Sanderson has been dealing with frustrated athletes for years and should have recognized the symptoms and have been prepared to help Jace deal with it. Explain to Jace what's going on, and when he's done also remind Jace that if he has any future concerns to bring it to him and not make it public. 3) Sanderson should have made his "cultural" comments to his head coach and the staff and not to the kids. You don't make these comments to the kids. Let the adults address staff culture issues and how they can present these matters as a united front to the kids. 4) Juwan being a coach and a father needs to be more circumspect regarding how he acts, interacts and reacts to things, especially around the kids. He is the one whom everyone is holding to a higher standard. He needed to meet with his son/player and Sanderson as an administrator to discuss the "issue" NOT the personalities. He needs to model the old axiomatic truth, "Always keep the main thing the main thing." Juwan's temperament [if not addressed] has him with one foot out of the door. He may need some counsel from other more experienced coaches regarding how to coach your son within a team framework, as well as how to manage personnel both higher and lower. 5) Now the Athletic Director needs to hold several meetings, i.e., with the parties directly involved, the staff, and the team to process this and to help them not to be divided so they can move on. This is where Warde will earn his money. IMHO!!!