Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Michigan Tuesday: Portal Day

College Football is at an interesting cross roads right now.  The NCAA continues to investigate Hamburgers and Ticket Brokers, while they give FBI investigations and Happy Meals full of cash a slap on the wrist.  

The Portal has become college football's eBay with top tier QB's getting between $1M-$2M dollars.  Former Detroit 5-Star QB Dante Moore who played 1 year at UCLA is reportedly down to Oregon, FSU, Michigan, and Miami.  Guess which team is not coming with a bag full of money?

UNC picked up a QB in the portal a week ago and yesterday was the first day players could officially jump into the portal. I'm sure it wasn't tampering. 

Ohio State had 11 players enter into the portal on Monday, including their starting QB who has a year of starting under his belt and was 11-1.  Maybe Ryan Day should be in the portal?

Alabama had a QB jump into the portal as well.  He was the former starter at ND, who transferred to Bama, and is now in the portal in Lacrosse.  

Bowl Games as I mentioned yesterday are becoming nothing more than exhibitions.  Players with an NFL future don't want to play in these games.  Caleb Williams is going to risk a Jake Butt situation by playing at a MLB park at the Holiday Bowl?  With over 2000 players in the portal and your top talent going to the draft, who is left to play in these exhibitions?

There is no way in the world FSU and Georgia wants to play in the Orange Bowl.  They both feel disrespected and I can't imagine Brock Bowers is going to risk further injury by playing in it.  Talk about a Jake Butt situation, same position, same stadium, same Bowl Game. 

Michigan will have players going into the portal, but of course they don't want to miss this playoff run.  Expect some after the game and in the Spring window.

To recap the current college football situation:

✔ NCAA is a mess
✔ NIL is out of control 
✔ Transfer Portal has become eBay with over 2000 players in it 
✔ The CFP Committee left out the undefeated ACC Champion because of its roster 
✔ National Signing Day is 5 days before Christmas 
✔ Bowl Games have become exhibitions
✔ Rosters have been depleted with the portal and NFL entries 
✔ Michigan is the #1 team in the country 

I see one good thing on that check list.  

Michigan has offered a few players in the portal.  DT from Harvard Thor Griffith, DT from Penn Joey Slackman, and a DB from WKU Upton Stout.   Love the names and positions.  Yes, Please. 

  • If you want to watch Michigan - IU basketball tonight, you have to have Peacock.  
  • Michigan - OSU was the highest watched college football game of the year and beat #2 by over 9M viewers. 
  • My thoughts on the Big Ten trophy presentation.  Jimmy having Tony give the award to Zak Zinter I thought diffused the situation.  Tony did shake Jimmy's hand.  Tony didn't speak and then left off the back of the stage.  That is a great show of leadership right there.  Maybe lets not hire a TV executive to run one of the most powerful conferences in sports. 


Ron said...

They should go back to making the players who transfer sit out a year..

Chowman said...

Ron, I disagree to a point. I do feel players should get 1 get out of jail free pass. You're talking about kids that make the decision on which school to attend when they are 16 or 17 yos and who knows what some of these recruiters promise them and their parents. Also, if the coaching staff is fired or moves on, I think the players should be given the opportunity for leave without penalties. Like the MSU situation, those kids committed for better or worse to Tuck and his staff. New coach, new staff, and most times new schemes that many these kids may not fit in. But yeah, these kids that are moving every year cause they aren't satisfied with their situation needs to stop.

Goblu said...

Think the problem is that this has swung really far toward the players. They want to be paid (not same amount, but as if they are NFL players/employees), but they don't the same contractual obligations that NFL players do. It would be like NFL players having free agency each year - it's not workable.

If they are going to be paid, they should then have to live up to a contract.

Chowman said...

GoBlu, yeah I was going to add that I'd like to see NIL and TP tied together under some sort of contract. Not sure how that would work though. The other thing, it would help if all these boosters and alums weren't so stupid with their money. I thought was happened at Texas A&M, where they handed out all the money to recruits and ended up with the highest rated recruiting class and severely underachieved. But as long as fans of the programs are willing to pay stupid money, you'll get stupid results