Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Wolverine Wednesday: $16M Michigan Man

I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts that when Jimmy was growing up he enjoyed a TV show called the 6 Million Dollar Man.   For those that don't understand that reference, it was a 70's show where a NASA astronaut was injured in a test flight and was rebuilt with bionic parts that allowed him to have superhuman strength and other abilities.  

Jimmy now reportedly has signed a $16M a year deal with the LA Chargers.   A number he was targeting and obviously offered by the Chargers.  That is the $6M Man + $10M.  I'm sure Lee Majors is proud.  Maybe he can send some of that money back to Ann Arbor through NIL.

  • Roman Wilson was the star of day one of the Senior Bowl.  He showed great separation and great hands.  He really helped his draft stock!  Let's go back a year ago.  Roman was considered a transfer portal risk.  He is now a National Champion, caught a memorable catch in the Rose Bowl to save that game, and now a late 1st/Early 2nd round draft pick.  
  • Reece Atteberry has entered the transfer portal as a grad transfer.  Reece played offensive line and defensive line at Michigan as a backup. 
  • Reports are that Sherrone has reached out to Chargers TE coach (not Jimmy's staff) Kevin Koger, who of course is a former Michigan TE.  Michigan has an open TE coach position with the promotion of Grant Newsome to OL coach. 


Ron said...

I hope Kevin Kroger it's interested as tight end Coach be great to have him

Blue said...

Moore is also targeting Chad Bowden (Notre Dame director of recruiting) for his revamped support staff. Elston is the Wolverines connection to Bowden where the two worked together at Notre Dame. Of which speaks loudly of Elston not looking to leave, (of which I also wouldn't be surprise to see Elson being elevated to co-defensive coordinator, with Clink being named the DC. Both having 3 years under Macdonald & Minter to learn the defensive scheme to where they are now more than ready.) Moore is looking to promote Bowden to a general manager job, overseeing recruiting, NIL, and player personnel with a generous pay raise attached.

In reading some of Bowden background he's the Real McCoy, being hyper focused at his job and a relentless recruiter every single day. If Michigan is able to pry him from Notre Dame, it sure looks to be a Home Run.

Brady2017 said...

I anticipate some sort of DC combo of Elston and Clink. They are familiar with the current system and are both excellent recruiters, something Mike McDonald and Jesse Minter were not. The only other names I heard being concidered are John Egorugwu and Jim Leonhard, two excellent DCs. Coach 'E' came from the Harbaugh coaching tree in Baltimore and rubbed shoulders with Mac when he was there. Leonhard is considered and elite DC and recruiter. Neither are the traditional 'Michigan Men', and would be a change from the current successful system that has been employed here since Don Brown left.

Chowman said...

Brady, first limiting yourself to "Michigan Men" is over played. Why would you limit your candidate list? Why wouldn't you cast a large net. 2nd, Neither MacDonald nor Minter were "Michigan Men" so again what does it matter. Hire the best guy! I'd prefer someone who's familiar with the Raven's defensive concept as I wouldn't want to install a new defensive scheme, particularly since the current scheme has worked so well.