Saturday, February 10, 2024

Memo to: Jim Harbaugh LA Chargers

I thought my last letter to you was the one prior to the National Championship game.  You did this program proud and delivered a National Championship to Ann Arbor.  That was only a short month ago.  

During this past month since the National Championship, I would not consider your actions "Michigan Man" worthy.  I understand Football is a business and I understand you are doing what is in the best interest of  your current employer, but my friend you have gone too far.  

A month ago, I would've wanted you to have buildings built on campus with your name on them and statues of your likeness next to Bo.   Today, I'm almost as upset I was with you after your teams effort in the 2020 season.   The University of Michigan is your school and the program that you worked at for the last 9 years.   Your mentored Sherrone for this job and now your doing everything possible to block his success.  

Jim my biggest disappointment with you, is you not taking no for an answer.   Coach Clink and Coach Herbert both wanted to stay in Ann Arbor, you continued to up your offer until they couldn't say no.  DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT THE PLAYERS STILL ON THIS TEAM?  I heard a ton about family and togetherness last season, is that completely over now?  

What is going on here?  It's just business, I'm sure you will tell friends. That is BULL SHIT.  

Are you sending a message to Warde?  

Sherrone is struggling to hire quality coaches for the coaches you are taking on a daily basis.  DO YOU NOT CARE?  Wink was not hireable in the NFL and is now Michigan's DC.  I know Sherrone ran that hire by you.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  Michigan used to be the place for the youngest and brightest coaches in the business.  We now have an elderly DC that was run out of the NFL for being difficult to work with.   His first day on the job, his top assistant leaves.   He is off to a great start. 

In every interview you do, you talk about how you love U of M but you can't earn a Lombardi Trophy in college football.   Then stop treating Michigan's program like an NFL Team.   These are kids that trusted you and trusted their position coaches who recruited them.   You are taking that trust away with every coach you hire for the Chargers. 

I'm assuming you are done now as there really isn't many more coaches you can take.   I assume you have noticed what Ohio State has been doing this off season?  They just hired UCLA's head coach to be their OC.  Spent $13M on bringing in top talent from other teams to beat Michigan.   While you hire away all Michigan's top assistants.   

When you left Michigan, there was a lot of "Thank you Jim" posts, tweets, etc.    I'm no longer at that stage.   My statement to you now is:

Damn you Jim for what you have done to this program since leaving Houston.  Damn you. 

Don't you dare say, "its just business".  Because you know better then anyone, that the players, this team, this program means more then that to us.  


Voice of Reason said...

Let the church say...AMEN! IMHO!!!

Rktkm said...

With what's happening to the team right now with all the coaches leaving it's hard for me to even enjoy a National Championship! Harbaugh says he loves MI and will stay as long as they want him. MI offers him $10M+ a year, he leaves and takes three quarters of his staff with him. IT SUCKS! I can't believe he did this to THE TEAM. They've got some really good players coming back next year and all the leaders bail. I never would have believed it possible.
I am angry. What Harbaugh did makes me sick to my stomach. He is not a MI Man. Mike Hart was/is and he should have replaced Harbaugh rather than Moore. The program is going back to Rodriquez and Hoke days.
Wanting to be the Head Coach of the Chargers rather than the Wolverines tells you all you need to know about Harbaugh.

Ron said...

That was a great blog my friend just great.. exactly how I feel stop treating Michigan like an NFL team... I couldn't have thanked him more,couldn't have loved him more.. day after January 8th... But now going down big time. Hard to say anything good right now about him

Thom said...

As I have said over and over...little jimmy gave Michigan the middle finger as he took his dog & pony show to Las Vegas. Maybe others are staring to see the real little jimmy. He preached "The Team, The Team The Teem" But It has always been 'Me, Me Me"

Goblue said...

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I get why a lot of you guys are upset. Each and everyone one of us love our michigan wolverines. We made it to the top and of course we would love to stay there and become the new Alabama/Georgia. With that being said, I see things differently. I understand why Jim is doing what he is doing. I don't have a problem with it. Thee coaches that left had a choice. They chose to to pursue an NFL opportunity and I also wish them nothing but success. They are not only coaching at the highest level but they are also earning more money. I don't blame them one bit, especially the way college football is changing.
As for moore, he is firing his own legacy so if the hires don't work out it's on him. I do wonder if Elston or clink wanted the DC role but Moore opted not to go with either one.....
As always, I will be excited for the new season. Go Blue!

Brady2017 said...

Yep, you guys nailed it. Not much more I can add. It all reminds me of when I was a kid and the Bad Boy Pistons won the Championship. 2 days later, the biggest Bad Boy of them all, Rick Mahorn was claimed in the expansion draft and was no longer a Piston. I was numb, just like I am now.

Blue said...

Herbert said he was staying then was gone the next day. Elston while out recruiting last week was telling recruits he was not going anywhere. Clink said he was staying then gone the next day. All three coaches wanted to stay at Michigan. What happen?

Sure Harbaugh told all three he wanted them, had contracts waiting for them to sign, actually giving them leverage in any negotiations they may have with Michigan.

Herbert wanted a pay raise with a few more years added to his contract, Warde didn't want to give him either, he was gone the next day.

With Minter gone, both Elston & Clink were expecting to be promoted. Promoting both Elston & Clink as CO-DC's with Clink calling plays would have very likely kept them both around.

However Moore was set in hiring an established play caller in either Cullen or Wink. Once apparent that was the route Moore was going to take, (bypassing both Elston & Clink), Elston first left, then followed by Clink once his buy-out clause was taken care of by the Chargers.

As Goblue said "These coaches that left had a choice". With Warde not meeting Herbert demands, Elston & Clink being bypassed by Moore, and a contract already waiting for all to sign in L.A., the choice was apparently obvious for all of them.

What baffles me is, Moore had to know the fallout of not promoting the DC position from within. Did he feel by promoting Elston & Clink the consequences to be greater?

ScottyDoggs said...

A letter to Bob: Chief Warden for us Big House Blog inmates

Bob I understand your angst! Could it be a simple thing as you're gaining weight, and insisting on wearing panties a size too small?

Why you're in this state on mind, stay away from tall structures, and only use plastic knife ware.

Have you considered calling "California Psychics" they might ease your mind by telling you the future is bright for Michigan.

Since you have provided us with years of informative stories about Michigan, we would not mind chipping in for your "Primal Scream therapy.

I do not want to compare you to a child but are you not happy with just one "Natty" You see my Son-in-law's mother took charge of caring for his sister's drug babies. The unbalanced male was unhappy with his Christmas presents so he stabbed her in the back with a pair of scissors. Please do not become unhinged! ..., are we readers in danger of you're wrath?

Perhaps you need a friend, like some of your readers told me when I was studying the situation with Michigan State coach and the alleged rapist lady She was supposedly harassed by him but, they had 27 calls over 30 minutes together. The rape case against her alleged attackers never went to trial, and the worst punishment for them was two of them were kept from playing one game of football. She was a "professional victim".

I had a close female friend that was addicted to heroin, and she ended her addiction with a shot gun to the face. If you start getting feelings like that seek help, maybe call one of those hot-lines. (Maybe the MSU rape lady is manning the phones"!

Maybe you need is just a good cry to let out all of your bad feelings, and the dark clouds will fade away leaving a beautiful sunny day, with many bunny rabbits and baby deer for you to pet.

ScottyDoggs said...

Dear Bob:

I left out something important .... I think you need to reach your repressed self. I believed that wearing feminine napkins in these uncertain times would give you a feeling of security.

I have an Amazon prime account and can have a year's supply sent out to you in case your too embarrassed to buy them yourself. This I would do for you, although it's not enough to match your efforts to keep us informed about Michigan football.

Brady2017 said...

Ya, that's a 15 yard, unnecessary roughness penalty on Scottydog.

Brady2017 said...

Bob, I think you should actually send that letter to Jimmy. It would be the first letter of yours to actually make it to Jim's inbox, but I really think you should send it and let him know how Michigan fans are feeling. And I feel your pain, too, brutha!

Brady2017 said...

On a lighter side, there are 20 guys all in contention on the final day of the Phoenix Open, one of the crazier stops on the PGA tour. There was a guy in the gallery wearing a wedding dress yesterday. Lol I wonder if he gets to hit from the ladies tees?

Keep the faith. GO BLUE!

Ron said...

Brady: that's a good suggestion.. but at this point Jimmy doesn't care

Blue said...

Scottydoggs, It seems things may be hard for you right now, please remember there's always hope. You only can change your life for the better, take responsibility, find the best treatment, ask and accept help, take care of yourself with sleep, diet and exercise, and find the meaning and purpose in your life.

Recovery although hard can be reached, never give up, and better days will lay ahead. Blue

ScottyDoggs said...

Dear Blue and others like him:

I can safely bet that at least half of you are Trump supporters and want a winning team but careless that we are headed towards fascism with your hero Trumpster. But to show you I harbor no bad feelings towards you .... just send 500 dollars each to me, for a genuine Trump underwear set where he crapped in them.

Then you can wear them on your head, and deep breathe in the effervesce while you "wax your carrots" and moan Trump ... Trump ... Trump!

Brady2017 said...

Scottydogs- That's gross. Go have a beer and relax.

szanreno said...

I guess it's gross, however his first paragraph was close to incoherent so I'm still up in the air on that. Ya know, incoherent, much like everything that comes out of his leaders mouth...

MichiganMan said...

I've been telling you guys that jimm is a dirtbag... All I got was backlash from you idiots. Now when Bob talks about how bad he is all you guys want to jump on the bandwagon. Pathetic losers...

I still can't believe we won the national championship. Watch the game at least 20 times now

Blue for life

Brady2017 said...

Michiganman- Nobody cares what you think. You proved you're a nut case.

M Don said...


I think you've gone a bit far and think Harbaugh has the awesome power to control grown men out of or into what's best for them. Blaming him for Clink absolves Sherrone from a quite obvious difference of opinion and vision of what he wants and believes Clink can provide right now. We may disagree, but this is Sherrone's team now and he needs to steer it the way he thinks his best. Blaming Harbaugh is just a cop out and I think your emotions have gotten the better of you. All of your ramblings omit the fact that Elston, Herbert, and Clink are their own man and make their own decisions or couldn't get a job anywhere else. If Clink didn't agree with Sherrone it's best for him to go vs. be a divisive figure. It could have easily been the Chargers, Seahawks, or Ravens as he could have had his choice in my opinion. He thinks he's ready and Sherrone didn't. The Harbaugh hiring is irrelevant and an easy excuse to blame. IF Harbaugh truly wanted to burn down the program then we would have taken Sherrone, Campbell, and Newsome. He did not.

You and others have stated NFL is not for long. Completely true and valid so if you've got relationships with coaches that can truncate the build up and they want to come how can you blame Harbaugh. It's irrational and goes to the old Michigan blindness of we're so great and can't comprehend how coaches, players, or competitors don't just bow down to our will. I am not really a Warde fan myself but you seem to think he can just dictate all he wants and others will just cave. Even the "all powerful Saban" couldn't get that done!

Finally you talk about turning your back on the team but forget your childish stance on the 2013 Michigan vs. Ohio State game. Choosing not to even watch and missed a hell of an effort by the players and coaches to come down to a missed 2 point conversion! Then had the audacity to comment afterwards saying you didn't even watch game thinking they were going to get killed. Who turned their backs on a Michigan team?? Be careful when you live in glass houses. You give great information year over year, but when you bring emotions into it you get irrational. Stop blaming others for adult decisions thinking they have no free will or think they know what's best for themselves.

This is Sherrone's program now and he's dictating his vision of the program. It's his job to sell it to the players and coaches and move out the ones that don't want to be a part of it. That is what makes a team. That is what made us so successful last year as one of the top 3 most focused Michigan teams I've seen in my 40 plus years rooting for them. They blocked out all the noise and went to undefeated National Championship! Thank you Harbaugh, coaches and players for achieving something we've all wanted for decades! Now it's Sherrone's turn to get a new group of young men and coaches on board to complete his vision for the program. Go Blue!!

Brady2017 said...

M Don- If you had 6 beers in the fridge that you bought just to watch the Super Bowl, good beers, IPAs that aren't even carried in your local store, and you go open the fridge door and see that someone drank 5 of them, would you be pissed or would you be "oh, that's OK."

M Don said...

Brady, I don't know are they living beings that decided to leave on their own accord or inanimate objects that don't have free will and ability to decide what is best for themselves? I guessing you believe the coaches that left are like the latter.

Brady2017 said...

M Don- The coaches wouldn't have left if Harbaugh didn't go all out to get them. Without the Chargers overpaying to get them, they weren't going anywhere. No other NFL team wanted them. I'm not blaming the assistants, they want to get paid. The point is, there are better coaches out there for Jimmy to hire, he chose to purge the Michigan program and burn it to the ground. Not cool.

M Don said...

Brady, I think that is big assumption. A highly successful program over the last 3 years running pro style systems on both sides of the ball not having people think they are great coaches that can help?? If Sherrone wasn't our coach now I bet he would be candidate for many positions. Minter was gone regardless especially with the turnover of McDonald to Seattle and would be ideal candidate for anyone looking to run the Baltimore system including Baltimore, Seattle, or the Chargers. Jim just beat John and Mike to the punch. Elston for a team that had a horrible line play is ideal choice especially when a Grant Newsome can step right in to the that spot so we didn't lose him. Most young coaches want to see a path to bigger and better things and it's obvious Clink thought he was ready. Sherrone being new to coaching seemingly wanted an experienced person on the defensive side as he learns the ropes of head coaching vs. breaking in a new coordinator on the defensive side of the ball, although what I consider a great option in Clink he didn't have that experience yet. Harbaugh was the experience and now that doesn't exist on the staff until Wink was hired. Was it the right choice?? Guess we'll find out but that is on Sherrone to decide.

Herbert is a one off that I think wanted more years and promise but a move to the NFL for his longterm prospects is a massive payday. Even if it doesn't work with the team becoming an independent contractor for players is a massive windfall for him if he shows his metal. His underling is an ideal replacement as been under his tutelage for so many years. Do I wish we had them all? Sure, but burning down the program is a stretch. If that was the case he would have taken Moore, Grant, and Campbell with him too or recommended they don't stay. It's Moore's team now and he needs to build it in his vision.

Brady2017 said...

Right. I don't blame the coaches for leaving for a bigger pay day, not one bit. If someone offered you or me 50% more salary, I'm sure we'd do the same thing. I guess we'll see if this was the right move after a couple years. If the Chargers fail to make the playoffs, or if they win the Super Bowl, we'll have our answer.