Friday, February 2, 2024

Michigan Friday: Jay Dream Believer

Michigan fans knew when Jimmy got the Chargers gig that he would be taking Minter and his son with him.  We also knew he wanted Ben Herbert and damn it, Jimmy wouldn't take no for an answer.  Jay Harbaugh made it official yesterday that he is leaving Michigan and heading to LA. 

I like Jay, he has done some really nice things on the recruiting trail and even recommended that Michigan becomes the first Jordan Football program.  I would also like to give him a little piece of advice that my dad gave me: "Don't live in your fathers success, make your own".   It was a natural decision to follow Dad to LA but for his career goals, he should've stayed in Ann Arbor or looked for another situation.  As long as Jimmy is the head man, it's going to be hard for Jay to break out of his dad's shadow.  Now was an opportunity to do that and he didn't take it.

Good luck to them both in LA.  Jimmy is already talking about multiple championships.  

  • The old switcheroo might be coming for some OC's.  Ryan Grubb faced a Jesse Minter defense in the National Championship game.  That defensive at U of M first started with Mike Macdonald.  When Saban retired and Kelen DeBoer went to Alabama.  Ryan thought he might get the UW job.  He did not, that went to a former Michigan OC Jedd Fisch.  Ryan then headed to Alabama with DeBoer to become Bama's OC.   Are you following me?  Mike Macdonald is now the head coach for the Seattle Seahawks, guess who he wants as his OC? Ryan Grubb.
  • Another weird OC switcheroo: Bill O'Brien as many referrer to him as BOB, is of course the long time OC for the Patriots, former head coach of PSU,  the Texans, and OC of Alamana.  Is now the recently hired OC of Ohio State.  Well, the former OSU DC Jeff Hafley who was recently the head coach of BC, just left his post for the DC of the Green Bay Packers.  Are you with me?  Guess who is considered the leading candidate for the BC gig?  You guessed it BOB. 
  • Last weird OC switcheroo for the day:  Chip Kelly might of had the hottest seat in college football last year and didn't get fired.  He really is not looking forward to taking his team East a bunch of times next year and getting rolled by the Big Ten.  He interviewed for the OC job with the Raiders and is now a leading candidate for Washington Commanders OC job for newly hired Dan Quinn. 

None of the above situations are final but boy are they weird. 

  • Sherrone went hard after Notre Dame's director of recruiting but he is staying on staff.  He is now looking to fill his off field staff with other targets. 
  • Sherrone was on the MacAfee show yesterday from his car on the recruiting trail!  Love it!


Brady2017 said...

'Jay Dream Believer' 😆 Lol

Brady2017 said...

I'm a little concerned over the lack of transfer portal recruits we got this year. It would be hard to duplicate last year's haul, there was at least half a dozen that played regularly, but getting a few quality additions this year are equally important. I think there's a WR still out there that put up some huge numbers that is still considering Michigan, but I haven't heard of anyone else. Was it the timing of playing through January?

Blue said...

The spring portal will open on May 1 for 15 days to help fill those spots needed on the team.

#1 priority is in keeping current key players intact, of which hiring staff positions from within would be of course helpful.

Tom said...

Mike Hart has been an exceptional addition to Michigan's coaching roster. Not only has the rushing game been exceptional (arguably the best rushing team over the past 3 years than any team in the country) but Hart has DEVELOPED great RBs over this time period. As a result, Michigan has flourished and done so in the manner our program prides itself in.

Hart is the consumate "Michigan Man".

I'd like to add this: Indiana was getting better and better under Hart...when Mike Hart left Indiana, IU has become a dumpster fire program.

These realities have to be recognized. Mike Hart is the most under-rated member of the Michigan coaching staff...WHY? He exudes success, he's proven it, and the results speak volumes. Mike Hart is the GOAT.

I'm not saying he should be Head Coach - I love Sherrone Moore and his approach and his relationship with the players and his recruiting success. But Mike Hart is getting over-looked and to lose him would be a disaster, IMO.

Ron said...

Tom: I totally agree with you my friend I love mike hart hate to see him leave. But You know he wants to be a head coach

Brady2017 said...
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Brady2017 said...
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