Thursday, February 15, 2024

Michigan Thursday: Bob's Random Thoughts

Sherrone is close to rounding out the defensive side of the football after Jim pillaged that entire coaching staff.  Let us not forget, this is Michigan's #1 unit next season.  The likes of Graham, Stewart, Grant, and Johnson will be 4 of the best players in college football next season. 

I like the hire of Texans Safety coach Stephen Adegoke, when he was in Ann Arbor as a GA in 2021.  He impressed coaches and players with his football knowledge.  He then went to the 49'ers and last year with the Texan's.  Reports are his interview was a home run and sounds like a perfect fit for the staff.  

The last spot at LB coach is Brian Jean-Mary's for the taking.  Reports are Tennessee is really trying hard to keep him him but Michigan's financial package is strong.   Update: Sam Webb reports BJM has been hired! 

You know how I feel about the Wink hire but the rest of the hires have been very solid and happy with the replacements.  When you see Steve Wilks fired from the 49'ers yesterday, my mind went to, he would've been a better option then Wink,  But, I'm trying to move on. 

Speaking of moving on, Tony Petitti says he and Warde have moved on.  Guess what Tony, we haven't.  You showed incompetence as a leader by suspending Harbaugh hours before the Penn State game and Michigan fans haven't forgot.   If I were you, I would still continue to polish up that resume. 

Random thought: There are a lot of Buckeye fans excited about Chip Kelly having elite talent mixed with his offense.   My thought is, when was the last time Chip coached an elite offense?  Has the defense caught up with his scheme?  Don Brown used to have an elite defense, until smarter coaches found a way to beat it. 

  • OSU fired its head basketball coach, Chris Holtmann on Wednesday.  Juwan got a vote of confidence from Warde.  I don't mind giving Juwan another year with his health issues to begin the season.  Though he needs to have a huge season next season.
  • Will Michigan break Georgia's record by having 16 players drafted?  Having the NFL Draft in Detroit won't hurt the local love for the Wolverines in the draft! 
  • CFP will continue at ESPN, which is a smart move mostly with the 12 teams now.  Paid nearly 8B to keep it.  
  • Michigan continues to expand their NIL program now with Learfield and Altius Sports.  


Ron said...

I wanted Lamar Morgan as DB coach..but they obviously know more than me. I know the basketball team is having a horrible season but a win on Saturday would be sweet🤗

Brady2017 said...

For a split second, maybe 3/4 of a second, I thought of the 49er's Steve Wilkes as our new defensive coordinator. But cooler heads prevailed. I'm fine with Wink. Wink has a TON of experience, and most importantly with the amoeba defense. We're fine, trust me.

I heard something about UM has hired a football general manager? Someone that coordinates N.I.L., recruiting, and scouting? Mmmmmkay!!! Yes please.

Brady2017 said...

Ron, not a bad idea. I originally thought Marcus Ray would be worth giving a shot, but sometimes the best choice is the obvious one. Coach 'Okiedokie' as I like to call him is a damn good coach and knows the UM program.

Brady2017 said...

I'd like to see if Coach Scruggs and Brian Jean-Mary can flip the Smith brothers, Jared and Jacob, back to Michigan. I hate seeing irrelevant schools like Kentucky and scum bag Vince Marrow taking recruits away from Michigan. There's no way we should be losing 'cruits to Kentucky, but we do every year. (Cha-Ching! $$$)

Ron said...

Adegoke, is staying with the Texans they offered him a raise..

Brady2017 said...

Tiger Woods is +1 over par. Top 50 make the cut to play on the weekend. Tiger is 54th after today's round. Anybody besides me gonna watch?