Monday, March 25, 2024

Michigan Monday: May Day in March

When it was clear Juwan was heading out of the program, I said Warde should make two phone calls.  #1 is to Jay Wright and #2 to Dusty May.  I don't' know if Jay was ever in play but many insiders have said, he has no interest in today's NIL world.  Which would make FAU's Dusty May, mine and Warde's #1 pick.  

Warde quickly pulled the trigger and got Dusty a day after FAU lost in the tournament. I'm uniquely qualified to discuss Dusty.  My son just graduated from FAU and he and my wallet went to the Final 4 last year.   So I've watched more then my fair share of Owl Basketball.  

Dusty came from Florida where he was a long time assistant for Mike White.  Dusty built the FAU Basketball Program from nothing.  FAU was built on football with a line of famous football coaches including Lane Kiffin and now Tom Herman.  Football has had limited success but Basketball made it to the Final 4 last year and lost by a basket from making it to the National Championship.  To give this perspective, FAU plays their home games in a basically a Gym not an Arena.  FAU has a football stadium that hosts a bowl game.  

Dusty built his program by finding gems in the portal.  I used to joke with my son, he found these guys in a local YMCA.  He runs an offense that has ties to European Basketball that can confuse an opponent with talented players.   As you might imagine, Dusty did not bring these kids in with huge NIL checks.  

I've seen comparisons online that Dusty is a young John Beilein and I agree 100%.  His is an offensive coach and I hope he brings in a great DC.   He is a great face of the program and I hope is in Ann Arbor for a long time.   Louisville thought they had him on Saturday night, but Warde and Coach B convinced him to come to Ann Arbor.  OSU was interested before hiring its interim coach and Vandy was also involved.   Dusty was clearly the top guy that was available right now.  

I've been very critical of Warde for many reasons but he did an excellent job here and even passed on getting his buddy Ed Cooley another raise.   Dusty will have his hands full in this job, he has to save the signed recruiting class, bring in a new staff, and hit the portal hard.   I hope he has a ton of success in all areas. 

  • Dusty signed a $3.75M a year - 5 year contract 
  • JJ was sharp at Michigan's Pro Day.  It was interesting they were showcasing Blake's downfield WR skills. 
  • Michigan Women's Basketball and Michigan Hockey both had tough results on Saturday. 
  • Class move for Juwan to attend the Women's NCAA game 
  • Karmello English who was true freshman last season and caught 1 ball for 1 TD.  Is jumping into the portal in April and no longer with the team.  With the lack of depth in the WR room, this is a curious decision in my opinion.  I would assume there are other issues here at play other then playing time. 


Chowman said...

The May hiring is a home run. he's was the #1 guy I wanted them to hire. I'm shocked that Warde pulled this off. I've gone on record saying I don't Warde is a very good AD. I can't help but think Warde had a lot of help getting this done

Ron said...

Yes wide receiver depth is a major concern right now. I think receivers are leaving because Michigan is running the ball so much.. got to bring in a wide receiver thru the protocol

Goblu said...

Slight chance that Warde actually is a fine AD, but was just a total dick toward Jim. Which would make him a horrible AD…

Chowman said...

Goblu, gotta disagree. He botched the hockey scandal. The Jeff Jackson/Zavier Simpson thing was a bad look, crashing Warde's wife's SUV. He did the bare minimum in his coaching search/hire to replace Bakich. He did miss handle the Harbaugh thing, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. He's not up to the task of being the AD at UofM

Brady2017 said...

Bob, great perspective on the Dusty May hiring, t.y.! I read Dusty also had experience under Bobby Knight and coached at Eastern Michigan, both good for learning the midwest.

Goblu said...

I’m convinced, Chow. He stinks !

Rudy said...

May said “this is a dream come true”….exactly what you want to hear. Very excited about his hiring, hope he can bring a couple of his horses with him. He’s gonna have to start from scratch.