Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Michigan Tuesday: Football Coaches and Staff Need an Uber Account

Warde needs to consider giving the Michigan coaches and staff another job benefit.  An Uber account that they can use anytime.  A few weeks ago, newly hired DL coach Greg Scruggs was arrested for driving under the influence then resigned.  Now Denard Robinson has also been arrested for the same thing and got into an accident. 

I feel terrible for the Michigan legend and also mad at him.  It is so easy getting an Uber or a Lyft when your out drinking or entertaining.  He is a Michigan legend and probably doesn't have to buy many drinks when he is out.  Having too many drinks is probably easy to do.  Hitting that Uber App needs to be the play.   If you remember when Denard was with the JAX Jags he drove his car into a small lake.  

Things need to change and Sherrone's head coaching experience is getting an early HR test.  The Michigan coaches and staff need to make better decisions when they are out or it could cost them their career or something worse. 

Today marks an important date for Michigan Football.  The Spring Transfer Portal is now open and Michigan has needs and must protect its current roster.  Top needs include depth at CB, Safety, and a starting WR.  The portal is open until April 30th. 

  • Dusty brings in two more assistant coaches and this time its from his FAU staff in Drew Williamson and Kyle Church.  Staff should be solid now.  Call a UBER! 
  • Speaking of Dusty is seems 2024 guard recruit Justin Pippin is starting to trend to Michigan.  Yes, that is Scottie's son. 
  • Michigan QB commit Carter Smith is performing well at the Elite 11 Orlando camp. 


Brady2017 said...

I agree w Bob, the Denard OWI is a sad scene that should have NEVER have happened. Teaching moment here for Sharrone. I love Denard. Absolutely love the guy and everything he accomplished when he played here, but this is a fireable offense.

Goblu said...

Of course NCAA penalties on the same day as portal opens...

ScottyDoggs said...

Both Denard and Hart look like they have been eating too many whoppers .... a 1/4 mile sprint would be a half-marathon equivalent for them. I am not a perfect human being either, I am half a bubble off. I do not know how the rest of you feel, but the Harbaugh era seems like light-years ago. good luck to new coaching staff, but they have a tough fight this coming season, if they do not find a respectable QB it's going to be a long challenging season. They might have to ask Sheridan to enter the portal (LOL), trying to laugh about it but years ago I would be crying like a newborn.

Rudy said...

at least get an Uber to Waffle House where you'll sober up on grease.