Thursday, May 16, 2024

Michigan Thursday: Transfer Portal Update

Michigan's spring additions to the team via the transfer portal has been a bit slow.  That trend continued last night when DT from GVSU Jay'Viar Suggs picked LSU over Michigan, UK, and Wisconsin.  There was some social media speculation that Suggs might have committed to the Wolverines.  That speculation turned out to be untrue.

Michigan is expected to get a visit from Albany CB Aamir Hall who was a FCS All-American.  Hall had 5 interceptions and 15 pass breakups.  

I think there is a trend here of Michigan looking at FCS and D2 players that maybe the NIL $$$ might have gone to the current roster.  Which is a smart move. 

  • Northwestern who is building a new football stadium will host Illinois and Ohio State at Wrigley Field. 
  • Former Michigan Basketball commit Khani Rooths who has been trending away from Ann Arbor for awhile, picked Louisville. 
  • We saw that Big Game Don made the EA Deluxe edition of the newest NCAA Football Game and now it seems he is also included in the regular game cover. 
  • Netflix is doing another Happy Gilmore 


Ron said...

I was hoping we had a chance to get Rooths back. Yes I agree they did the right thing with the NIL to keep the team together

Chowman said...

See there's no excuse when it comes to the NIL. Michigan's alumni base is huge and there should be enough money to go around. Recruiting is the lifeblood of college football and its not like Michigan is lighting up either the portal or HS recruiting. I expected somewhat of a drop off from Harbaugh to Moore, at least in the beginning, but not like this.

Brady2017 said...

Chowman just said everything. That's pretty much it in a nutshell. I understand Michigan's philosophy to use NIL money to reward rather than intice, which is great in principle, but not for actual recruiting. The main stumbling block are 'Collectives', which are independent, 3rd party organizations or individuals. The collectives can donate unlimmitted cash, cars, trips, employment to relatives, basically all the perks you've read about. If you haven't read about them, then watch the movie 'Johnny Be Good' starring Anthony Michael Hall, Uma Thurman, and Robert Downey, Jr. It's a movie from the late 80's, so that tells you how long this type of recruiting has been going on.

Renegade said...

I'm concerned that this is going to end up being like the Hoke years. Good first year and then down hill.