Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Michigan Tuesday: A Recruiting Department Re-Boot

When Jim got to Michigan he beefed up the non-coaching staff.  Which meant there was a team of coaches watching film, preparing for opponents, and working with the Michigan athletes off the field. 

When Sherrone took over for Jim, he stated he wanted to build up the recruiting staff.  Which he has continued to do.  We know the sad story of Denard, so need to rehash it.   Over the weekend, the Director of on-campus recruiting Christina DeRuyter left Michigan for a role on Jim's staff with the Chargers.  She was on staff for 3 years and I would call that a pretty good 3 year run! 

Denard has been replaced by Sam Popper who held the same role at Oregon and Akron.  Michigan also recently hired Kayli Johnson (Will's sister) to replace the duties DeRuyter had. 

Lose one gain, gain 7?

Sherrone on Sunday hired 7 new recruiting analysts:

  • Aidan Young – recruiting analyst, Oregon alum
  • Richard Perry – defensive back recruiting analyst
  • Reid Kuhl – recruiting analyst, Michigan alum
  • Preston Sagan – recruiting analyst, Clemson alum
  • Jacob Weber – recruiting analyst, Indiana alum
  • Jacob Sakk – recruiting analyst
  • Jack Turner – recruiting
Welcome, now sign some 5 and 4 stars! 

  • I hate to do RIP bullets and this weekend had more than its fair share. 
    • Former Michigan Basketball player Thad Garner gone at 64
    • Bill Walton 
    • PGA Golf Pro Grayson Murray 
    • Thoughts and prayers goes to each one of these gentlemen's family and friends.


Brady2017 said...
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Brady2017 said...

So the San Diego Chargers need an on campus recruiting director? OK Jimmy, whatever you say.

Thom said...

Wow....seven recruiting analyst and only a couple of recruits. Good way to spend money on analyst insteed on NIL. Sure this will pay divendes..for the new seven analyst.

Renegade said...

DeRuyter was hired to be the Director of Football Logistics (Operations) which may include overseeing logistics, personnel, contracts, budget, scouting,etc.

Not a recruiting director ... obviously.

Brady2017 said...

Love the hires Sherrone has made. And he's staying true to his word. 100% on this one.

Chowman said...

At the end of the day, the high bar set for admissions and the lack of urgency with NIL is the contributing factor in lack of recruits. You can have 500 recruiting analysts, but as long as your lagging behind other top programs in NIL program, you're going to struggle. Not here to argue the right and wrong of NIL, just sayin' it is what it is.

It's hard to read, but it appears to break out NIL programs into three tiers:

Tier 1 ($10M+): OSU, ND, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Louisville, Texas A&M, Miami (YTM)
Tier 2 ($5M-10M): Nebraska, MSU, Washington, Georgia, Kentucky, USC, Oklahoma State, South Carolina
Tier 3 ($1M-$5M): Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State, UCLA, Iowa, Indiana, UNC, Clemson, Vanderbilt

Want to run with the big dawgs, you gotta get off the porch!

ScottyDoggs said...

If you need any knowledge, read the comment above this one!

Cormac said...

Chowman, what is your source? Is this something you put together from various sources or did you get this information from one particular source?