Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Wolverine Wednesday: Needs Analysis - Current Status

Michigan Football came out of spring ball with some holes that needed filling.  It was clear Michigan needed depth in the secondary, a place kicker, and help at the WR position.  There are also some level 2 needs like a back up DT and if a really good fit at QB jumped into the portal.  

Michigan has tried to land another DT but not a ton of guys want to sign up to play behind some of the best DT's in college football right now.   Most guys are looking for more playing time at a program with more exposure.  I believe the search continues with DT's and the portal.   I don't believe the Michigan coaches found a QB that could come to Ann Arbor and start in the Fall.  So they are moving forward with what they have.

Current State:

 ✔ Secondary help has been achieved with 4 DB's committing this weekend

✔ WR help is also solid with the return of  Amorion Walker and CJ Charleston from YSU. I still think Michigan could use one more WR from the portal. 

✔ Kicker was signed from Arkansas State 

Best case is Michigan signs 1 DT and 1 more WR then I expect they will be done with the Spring Portal Season.

  • Speaking of new faces in new places - Eamonn Dennis has transferred to Ohio University.  Good Luck to Eamonn in the MAC! 
  • Former Michigan commit PG Christian Anderson has picked Texas Tech as his new school. 
  • SVP continues his Emmy streak and now is 0-8


Brady2017 said...

Excellent update, thank you Bob. I think we are going to be good enough to beat anyone this fall. We have studs at all positions. Orji makes me nervous at QB, though. I see this as our Achilies heal because we still don't know if he can win a game with his arm. I think we will find out really quick in the opener against Fresno St. I say let 'er rip, tater chip! If Alex is 4 of 12 passing and our leading rusher after Fresno St., I will need counseling.

ScottyDoggs said...

I have high hopes for our new football regime, but I live in fear of a fatal rash of three and outs, then the reality of "Harbaugh gone" hits home ... we shall see. I figure 8-4 record is a winner, anything more is a blessing. Any other guesses of 2024 record, or just let them play it out ....