Monday, June 17, 2024

Michigan Monday: 2 Commits Over The Weekend

MSU fans on social media try to find any reason to take a shot at Michigan Football.  Which is really hard to do when the team your taking shots at is the reigning National Champions.   One area Sparty has likes to focus on is that Michigan has been recruiting at that same level MSU has been this cycle.  

Michigan lost a majority of its coaches to the NFL and out the window goes all those recruiting relationships that has been built over numerous years.  Hell, Michigan has had 3 defensive line coaches in the last 6 months.  Not to mention, Michigan's famous Director of Recruiting who is no longer with the program. 

Michigan over the weekend continued to build their 2025 class by getting two strong commitments. 

#1 commit of the weekend was Safety Kainoa Winston who is rated as the 43rd player in the nation to 24/7 and a strong 4 star.  Winston is considered one of the best DB's in the country and Michigan beat Penn State for his commitment.  Michigan won the recruitment on the way they used Mikey over the last two years.  

#2 commit was RB Jasper Parker from Louisiana.  Not a state Michigan has had much recruiting success in.  Jasper is a 3.5 star as some service rank him a 4 and others a 3.  He is 6'0 and 200 pounds and has a great offer list from the likes of Miami, Alabama, UNC, OK State and others.  My guess is Parker will be a power back in Michigan's offense. 

Welcome to Ann Arbor to both guys! 

Michigan's class is currently ranked:
#13 on On3
#34 on 24/7
#30 on Rivals

More work to do! 

  • The US Open was high drama last night in the final holes.  Bryson took home the trophy but Pinehurst #2 won the US Open.  No golfer wants to see Rory lose like that.  Congrats to the USGA for putting on a great event.  
  • Michigan - Wake Basketball Series now confirmed
  • Les Miles is suing LSU because he believes his vacated wins will cost him a shot at the College Football Hall of Fame.


ScottyDoggs said...

Kudo's to those that like watching golf championships ... I got free tickets to Dublin Ohio for Memorial tournament and took my Dad. I thought I was going to die from "boredom", I told my Dad we have to go and we did. I had over 3 root canals and I cannot decide which is worse. I suppose sitting in the gallery at 18th hole would be the way to go ...all I seen was a golf ball rolling down the free(fair) way. GAD ZUKS!!!

Goblu said...

Two comments -

1. Nice to see so momentum on recruiting, but does feel like we are very heavy on RBs... need some WRs please!

2. Loved the Open, and happy for Bryson. Who seems to have chilled a bit with age. But Rory, seriously? Missed two putts within 5ft?!? Don't think he gets another major after that.

Renegade said...

HaHa ScottyDogs!!!

Golf is so much better on TV. Cameras at every hole and they move around fairly quickly.

Boring as hell live.

Thom said...

Lets not get fuzzy and warm over commitments. Just because someone commits doesn't mean anything until they are sighed. Also look at all the fluff on other sites that say, "Michigan knocked out of the park" with with every recruit they talked with.....Yup. These 18 and 19 year old kids aren't stupid. They are going to say what you want to hear.

Brady2017 said...

Scotty- You have to walk the course and 'follow' particular golfers. Much more fun like that when you can see what club they're using and hear the dialog w their caddy. Heck, I talked w John Daly for a a good 3-4 holes. Came away knowing his son is in a rock band and John talked me into going to seeing them. Lol

Who was our "Famous Recruiting Director"? Dennard??

This Parker kid came out of nowhere. Sounds like he's got the build of the A Train, Anthony Thomas.

Brady2017 said...

Fuzzy Zoeller used to talk a lot with people, too. You learn which golfers are pricks, too, when they turn their nose up at you. I liked to root against those guys (in private, of course. They'll kick you off the course over any complaint)

Rudy said...

$party? They still have a football team?