Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Michigan Tuesday: The Most Michigan Answer Ever

Alex Orji is working hard to be the next great Michigan QB.  The issue is, we don't even know if he is ready to start.  He is an incredible runner but still needs work in the pocket and passing game.   This quote gives me hope he understands "the room" and what it means to be a QB in Ann Arbor:

“I think that’s just what it means to wear the maize and blue — the different sayings we have — ‘the team, the team, the team,’ ‘those who stay will be champions,'” Orji said. “At some point it feels like those are just words on a wall or on a plaque, but once you sit through it, you live through it, you play through it, you realize that they hold truth. And it goes from words on the wall to words engraved on a ring. And that’s when you really feel it and you’re like, ‘Oh, wow! It really means something.’

“And so I think that’s just how you see different things like — dudes like Amorion see how it is somewhere else and come back. He knows it’s a little different here. He knows there’s gonna be different things that we’re going to do, we’re going to try to find success every day, that’ll lead to success, you know, every week, every month, throughout the season.

“But that’s just kind of how Michigan is — it’s the culture, as well. We’re all a family. It’s the same as if I go home, and me and my brothers are working out, it’s like, I want to see them do the best that they could do. But it’s not like I’m gonna try to get more than them on bench, I’m gonna mess with them. Just like I want to see us do the best. I committed to the University of Michigan, I didn’t commit to being the starter. I committed here to support University of Michigan, try to give us the best chance to win and whatever I can do we try to add value to the team. It’s not a personal or selfish ideology when you come here at all.”

To paraphrase a Joel Klatt quote: "Ohio State plays for themselves, Michigan plays for each other"


Goblu said...

Wow. After that, I really hope this kid has the chops to be the starter.

Brady2017 said...

Gotta love this kid. Now let's hope he can read defenses and can throw the ball, or defenses will stack the line all day and force him to throw.

Brady2017 said...

5-Star 2026 QB Brady Hart has Michigan in his Top 5. With a name like that, he's gotta be good! Lol

Rudy said...

$uckeyes play for the $$. They care little about team, those are just punchlines to them. $party plays just to stay out of jail cuz some judge gave them the choice of playing football or doing time. Penn $tate....well, they play for the children! :-) Go Blue!