Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday "It's Cold!" Update

  • The Wolverine shooting was as cold as the weather last night as Michigan dropped it's game at Illinois 66-51. Simms couldn't get going last night and Michigan got dominated by Mike Tisdale a lanky 7"1 center from Illinois. Mike had a career night scoring 24 points against the Wolverines. In situations like this, I would like to see Michigan have Gibson and Simms on the floor at the same time. I know it would hurt outside shooting but it would give Michigan a better chance at rebounds and provide better low post defense.
  • Jayron Hosley, a CB from Florida was scheduled to visit both Michigan and Ohio State the next two weekends. Jayron was told by both Michigan and Ohio State that they are now solid at CB and to please cancel his visit. If you read between the lines: Michigan does need CB's and the coaches know that Hosley is a lock to attend South Florida and they don't want to waste his time or Michigan's money on a trip were he wasn't serious about becoming a Wolverine.

  • The latest rumor on the DC search is: that Greg Robinson is in Ann Arbor, "looking around". It seems a little strange that Michigan would trade it's DC to Syracuse for their former head coach. At this point, these are only rumors but we will see. IMO, Rich needs to make a decision pretty soon, signing day is 2/4 and these kids want to know who their coach is going to be.

  • Michigan has offered a 2010 scholarship to Florida DB Lo Wood. Lorenza Wood is right now rated as a 4 star prospect, 5-11, 163 lbs., runs a 4.56 and is from Apopka, FL.

  • New Scout Rankings: Justin Turner gets his 5th star but LaLota loses his.

  • Are your ready to become a Wolverine? Are you ready to hit somebody? Do you want to run throught the tunnel and play in front of 110,000 people? Well if you are, Michigan football is holding it's third open try out. Put down the beer and pizza and get over there and run a 4.4 in the 40!

  • Remember that un-ranked 6"4 QB from Louisiana that runs a 4.4 and threw for 2400 yards- Brandon Mitchell? Scouts is saying he committed to Arkansas yesterday. The rumor is he was very interested in watching Ryan Mallet fumble snaps for 3 years.

  • I know Ohio State has a ton of talent on it's roster, but to think Brain Hartline announced he is entering the NFL draft is a little crazy. I'm not an NFL draft expert but this smells a lot like an Adrian Arrington mistake to me, here are the reasons why: first off, the kid looks like "howdy doody", second: he caught 21 balls for 456 yards last year with 4 touchdowns. That's a good game for Michael Crabtree. I wish Brian good luck, but I don't see him being a high draft pick.

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