Monday, February 16, 2009

Single Threet QB to Transfer from Michigan

First off, I wish Stephen nothing but the best and hope he makes an impact at whichever school he picks.

"I have decided to transfer from the University of Michigan," Threet wrote in the statement. "I have requested and received my release. I do not yet know where I will continue my collegiate career, and have no further comment until that decision is made."

Second, I just don't understand when kids make these type of decisions. I know, he is not a good fit for RR's offense, and that Michigan recruited two high profile QB's in this class, and that Michigan will continue to recruit dual threat QB's in 2010.

So sure, Threet has every right to pack up his bags and look for another place to play. Why wouldn't he? Well, here are a few reasons he should have decided to stay at Michigan.

  1. A "Free" First Class education. He has already transferred from Georgia Tech and now Michigan. If he wants to play right away, he will have to go to a D1AA school. So for a smart kid, I guess the academics side of this decision didn't really come in to play too much. Of course he can go to another D1 school, but would have to sit out another year (since he transferred once already, he can not use a redshirt, so he would lose a year). Getting a Michigan education gets lost in these decisions and I think that is really too bad. Let's be honest, 1% of athletes make it to the NFL, a Michigan degree means something.
  2. He has a year of experience in this offense: No matter how good Tate Forcier is, Steve has more knowledge and experience in this offense and would have been the odds on starter for the Western Michigan game.
  3. Did he learn anything from his own experience? Steve transferred to Michigan to "sit" behind 5 star QB Ryan Mallett and then got the chance of a lifetime last year and got to play right away. You never know what will happen in this sport.
  4. Competition: Makes you a better player. Use Michigan QB history as an example. Michigan had the strong armed QB "golden boy" Drew Henson that was 5 Star in everything he did. Michigan also had another QB at the same time named Tom Brady. Everyone wanted Drew to play, mostly when Tom struggled and Drew did. Drew got in and struggled as all young QB's do. Tom, came back in and saved a few wins and even got drafted. I guess, I forget to mention he did pretty well in the NFL.

Steve, I wish you all the best in whichever school you decide to continue your career yet, but I wish you would have stayed and competed for the QB position at Michigan.

Memo to all of us Michigan fans: this departure equals even a worse shot at a Bowl Game next year. I had envisioned Foricer staring and Threet pulling out some games. Now it looks like, all our cards are on the table with a couple of freshman and a couple of walk on's. Not good my friends, not good.

Welcome to Michigan Tate and Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

First off, I am a Buckeye fan, but my comment is regarding your (and many other UM bloggers) comment about the value of a "Free, First Class Education" Let's be honest, MOST of the kids that go to UM, OSU, or any other top ranked school do not go there for the education. I mean, do you really think that UM's BA in Basket Weaving...or Sports Management, or Physical Ed. is any better than 100 other schools? I would imagine that perhaps 10% of your GRADUATING football seniors carry away a degree that an employer will be impressed with by the UM logo. So, that argument is very lame as to why a kid should stay. Just an opinion.

P.S. I do enjoy your blogs.

Bob said...

Thanks for the comment, but I respectfully disagree. I understand that kids go to Michigan or Ohio State to play football and hopefully the NFL. But Threet reportedly carries close to a 4.0 grade point, and my hope is someone with his best interests in mind, would keep his academic standards ahead of his playing career. So Yes, I do think it's more important that he could graduate with a Michigan degree then starting for two years at Montana State.

KB said...

I understand where the first poster is coming from but like Bob said I think Threet is different. He had a near perfect SAT score and apparently could of gotten academic scholarships to some of the top schools. Every once in a while there are players that go to a school and maximize on the education (i.e. Krenzel and Rolle).