Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lane Kiffin is a Walking Recruiting Violation

Lane joked about getting 29 out of 30 on his NCAA recruiting test. I wonder which question he missed? Because he is a walking talking Recruiting Violation, even UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel thinks Lane is out of control and has had too many violations in just a few weeks.

If your keeping score at home, Lane's first two violations came when he called out Florida head coach Urban Meyer for cheating when he called a recruit while he visited Tennessee, then he used a fog machine and faked a press conference when some recruits visited Knoxville. Now his third violation came when he mentioned un-signed #1 ranked running back Bryce Brown by name on the radio. Kiffin was talking about the growing trend of high school prospects waiting until after signing day to choose a school and made a reference to "great players like Bryce Brown" while appearing on WNML Radio. Those comments came after the host of the show, Dave Hooker, couched the question by reminding Kiffin that he couldn't talk about specific recruits.

Lane has been on the job since December 1st and has seemly can't get out of his own way when it comes to recruiting. Maybe old man Al Davis was right, this guy might be a little unstable?
I know the NCAA doesn't usually come down hard when programs self report minor violations, but they might have to send a message to Lane with all these violations.

Keep it up Lane! Your bringing some much needed spice to usually a slow time for college football news. I'm really looking forward to watching the Vol's this year, mostly when they meet the National Champions Florida Gators!

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