Friday, March 13, 2009

Michigan is Playing With House Money!

The Michigan basketball team met it's goal for the 2008-2009 season yesterday. They will be playing in the NCAA tournament this year. They "officially" will be awarded that honor this Sunday when they are selected, but with the 10th hardest schedule, 20 wins, and quality wins over Duke, UCLA, Illinois, and Purdue they should be firmly off the bubble and into the tournament. Some people might say: What type of goal is getting to the tournament? Well, a pretty good one considering, this team is full of freshman and sophomores, that they won 10 games last year, and Michigan hasn't been in tournament in over 10 years!

So now what happens? Michigan plays Illinois today at 6:30. They split their series this year, both winning on their home floors. Illinois guard, Chester Frazier looks to be out of the Michigan game and maybe gone for the rest of the season. Chester was known as a strong defensive player and most likely would have had the Manny Harris assignment if he was healthy today.

So here's to Michigan playing loose and feeling good, I hope they make a nice run this weekend and maybe sniff the sweet 16 in the NCAA. Even if they lose today and have a first round exit in the tournament, this program is back in the tournament for the first time in a decade and Michigan Basketball is relevant again! I'm so pumped up, I'm going to Indy today to watch them take on Illinois!!!

Is it me or is this time of year much better when Michigan has a basketball team? Thank you John Beilien!

Does former WVU coaches know how to turn around a program or what? Let's hope RR has similar plans for the football team.
  • BTW: Michigan's Junior Day is today and Spring Practice starts tomorrow. So one program is finishing their season and second year turn around. The other is just starting it's. Tomorrow officially starts the The Tate Foricer reign as Michigan QB!

  • Is that's Tate's Cannon going off in the Big House? Today, Michigan will test the sound in the new Michigan Stadium: from 3:30 to 7:00 p.m. on March 13, approximately five tests will be conducted that will sound like a “cannon shot. This cannon shot is relevant it two ways. It's the final shot for the 10 years of probation that the Michigan Basketball Program has suffered thanks to a Ed Martin the loan shark or a New Beginning for the Michigan Football Team!

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