Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rumor Mill: Devin Gardner

Both Rivals and Scout's are reporting that an announcement for Devin Gardner, one of the top dual threat QB's in the country is going to happen soon. For those that don't know Devin, he is a 6"4 195 lbs. QB from Inkster, Michigan. He is rated as one of the top high school football recruits out of the State of Michigan in 2010. William Gholston is rated #1 in the state per Rivals.

Some insiders are saying the announcement may come as early as next Monday.

So bare with me and I will try to piece this together for you:

  • Both Michigan recruiting sites are reporting that he will announce soon

  • OSU recently said, they are interested in Joe Montana's son at QB and that Devin would be their second choice.

  • Michigan's Junior Day is this Friday

  • The Night of Champions is Friday night

  • Michigan opens Spring Practice on Saturday

  • Michigan has 3 verbal commits from top rated WR's in the 2010 class

  • Devin is reportedly attending Junior day and The Night of Champions. He may also stay to watch practice on Saturday.

  • Stephen Threet has transferred

Does all these pieces fit a Michigan verbal commit? I like our chances!

Let's also not forget another high profile QB named Kevin Newsome did the same thing and then de-committed later in the summer. Though, Kevin wasn't from the Great Lake State!

More to come on this story, but I like how the facts stack up in Michigan's favor.


Anonymous said...

Whether he lands in Ann Arbor or not, this guy may not have as much hype, but may be every bit as talented as Pryor. I hope I get to see him play at Inkster this fall, because that's going to be the lowest price ticket anyone's going to pay to watch him in action for a long time.

KB said...

Spelling error all so should be also. I think Gardner is a stud.

But where does he and Robinson fit? Robinson won't redshirt this year because we need him in case of injury-- and we all know Sheridan can't run so Robinson is really the backup to Forcier. Does Gardner thenpush Robinson to a Wildcat/ Slot WR/ H-back? I can't see Robinson or Gardner being willing to sit long. I think seeing 2 qb's in the backfield (Forcier and Robinson) is likely and then redshirting Gardner giving him 2 years to start is the only way to keep all 3. The question is when we have more than 1 dual QB, so if we get Gardner or another QB that can run and throw, will RR move Robinson? I've only seen limited tape of Robinson but he has an arm and I don't think he signed up to not play QB. How do they keep these 3 guys for 4 years? I don't see it happening. I really think Robinson will leave if he doesn't start his Sophomore year. I know this is early, Gardner hasn't even committed and Forcier and Robinson have never played a game (Robinson isn't even in A2 yet) but I'm worried 1 or more will leave.

Bob said...

Thanks for the catch on the spelling mistake, sometimes my head is faster then my fingers on the key board.

Your right on DRob. He will have a chance to compete at QB, but many schools wanted him more as a CB or other athlete. I believe if Gardner does commit, he will redshirt to work on this throwing motion, learn the offense, etc. That still give DRob a good chance to be the #1 or at least the #2 for sure. If it doesnt' work out for him a QB, he can move to slot or DB. For those that have seen DRob live, they believe he is shorter then 6"0. Means his height could give him trouble in the pocket. Of course, Forcier isn't much taller.