Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thanks Tubby! The Monkey Might Be Gone!

As many of you know, I have been quiet on the importance of the Michigan - Minnesota game today. I figured if you follow Michigan, you already knewthe importance and I really didn't want to jinx anything. Would the State of Minnesota be good to the Wolverines again? If you remember, the Michigan football team played it's most complete game of the year in the Metro Dome late last fall and came away with the "Little Brown Jug" in a stunning upset.

The State of Minnesota was magical again for the Wolverines as they came away with a 3 point 67-64 win thanks to a time out by Minnesota's head coach Tubby Smith. We can talk about how well, Sims (24 pts) and Lucas-Perry (19 pts. off the bench) played, but the play of the game was Tubby's timeout.

Here's the situation:

Michigan is up by 3 with the shot clock winding down, when Manny Harris tried a top of the key 3 point shot that was rebounded by The Golden Gophers with about 7-8 seconds left. The Gophers push the ball over half court and seconds before a made 3 point shot by Lawrence Westbrook, Tubby Smith calls a time out to set up a play. The Gophers fumble the in bounds pass and it's desperation 3 was no good. Thanks Tubby! Wolverines fans owe you a beer!

Is the Monkey Off the Wolverines Back?

Does 19 wins, get Michigan into the tournament? My guess is Yes! I think they still need to take care of business with at least one win during the Big Ten Tournament in Indy next weekend, but if they do that, they are in! 2 wins next weekend make them a lock.

They have the 11th hardest schedule in the nation and an RPI in the mid 40's. Going .500 in the Big Ten isn't great, but they stayed with UConn for 37 minutes, beat Duke and UCLA. That type of resume should get you into the Dance.

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