Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BHB Sheds "Light" on Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims NBA Decision

Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims are both good basketball players and both will hopefully have solid NBA careers. Manny Harris "first step" shows he has NBA talent. DeShawn is more of a "tweener" but if he continues to improve his outside shooting he could be a solid NBA player.

So where does that leave the duo on the decision to return to Michigan or go to the NBA? At the annual basketball banquet last night they said; "If I had to decide today, I'm staying," Harris said. "Yes, yes," Sims said when asked would he stay if pressed for a decision today.

With that said, they will meet with coach Beilein today to discuss what he NBA had to say on their potential draft status. A decision could be made this week. Many expect the decision to be they will stay in Ann Arbor, which in my opinion is the right one. Both could use another year of college basketball plus they have the ability to be part of something special with next years team.

On the other hand, if the NBA comes back with a solid first round recommendation, one could leave and the other could stay. I would expect Manny to be the better NBA candidate at this point.

Now to other news and notes:

  • Manny and DeShawn were co-MVP's of the basketball team

  • One of the hot debates over the years has been: Should Michigan have a night game? The old folks that attend the games think the 3:30 start are night games because they miss the early bird special at Denny's and feel they get home too late. The young fans/students think the Big House at Night would give the Wolverines a "huge" advantage in a big game. This debate will continue for years to come but one decision that has to made in the short term, is whether to have permanent lighting as part of the new renovations to Michigan Stadium. Bill Martin said on Saturday that the grounds have been wired for temporary or permanent lights. A decision on permanent lighting has not been made yet. Michigan needs lighting for 3:30 games later in the fall either way.

  • Here are the Spring Awards for the Michigan Football Team: Meyer Morton Award (senior with greatest development and promise): Stevie Brown; Frederick Matthaei Award (leadership): Mark Ortmann; Sophomore Award (toughness and work ethic): David Molk and Van Bergen; John F. Maulbetsch Award (freshman potential): J.T. Floyd and Patrick Omameh; Dan Dierdorf Award: Brandon Graham; Iron Wolverine Awards (all-around conditioning): Martin (linemen group); Brandon Herron (middle group); Michael Cox (skill group).

  • Thanks to MSC: Michigan will be playing a night game at Iowa next year.

  • Toney Clemons the former Wolverine WR is planning to visit Colorado.

  • Zeek is thinking about coaching Florida International. Isiah sure has had an interesting life after his playing career.


Anonymous said...

Zeke will fail there like everywhere else. He has no class -- never has. He's a two-faced snake who's ego writes checks he can't back up.

Prediction: his college ends up in scandal: recruiting violations or something involving coeds.

Good luck FIU.

KB said...

First off grammar error. Student think a night game will give them an huge advantage, not and.

Also, good if the old folks don't come to a home game. All they do is sit on their hands and do the victors cheer. For 110k the Big House is way to quiet and its cuz of all the old folks that last had fun in the 1960's. If a night game pushes them out for more college/just out of college folks then every game should be at 8.

But asides from that, no one can deny the awesomeness of a night game. Just watching night games at Penn St or Wisconsin gets me pumped up. There is no good reason not to have a night game.

And finally, HS recruits watch those national night games. They are amazing for recruiting.