Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pat White Going in Round 2 Helps Michigan QB Recruiting

One of the knocks on Rich Rod's spread offense is, "it doesn't make NFL Quarterbacks" like Lloyd Carr's pro style offense did. Michigan has a long list of QB's that have competed for spots on NFL rosters. Rich Rodriguez really has had only one NFL QB you can really point to, Shaun King who was under RR's tutelage when he was the offensive coordinator at Tulane under Tommy Bowden.

Now, in somewhat of an ironic twist Michigan's last pro style QB will compete for a job against Rich Rod's top QB prospect of all time Pat White. I give Chad Henne the edge since he has been in the Dolphins system for a year, but look for Pat to get about 5-10 snaps a game this Fall.

With Pat White going in the second round, now Rich Rod and staff can use that on the recruiting trail and tell prospective Wolverine QB that his system can produce NFL QB's and someday maybe even a first round pick!

  • Speaking of former Michigan Pro Style QB's: Stephen Threet transfers to Arizona State. "I like the pro style offense and the coaching staff at Arizona State," Threet said on Monday. "My career has been filled with ups and downs and coaching changes aren't easy. I was at Georgia Tech for two weeks when they changed coaches. Michigan had the same coaches for like 30 years and then they change. "When Coach [Lloyd] Carr retired I wanted to transfer," Threet said. "But I took Coach [Rich] Rodriguez at his word about the offense. I tried to stick it out. I tried to help Michigan win. But in the end the offense didn't fit me. They have a run first offense at every position. What they want is Pat White and that's not me." For the record, Dennis Erickson hasn't had too many head coaching jobs, so nothing to worry about at ASU Steve!

  • 7 Wolverines Sign as NFL Free Agents: Carson Butler with Green Bay, Doug Dutch with the Washington Redskins, Sean Griffin with the Seattle Seahawks, Brandon Harrison with the Indianapolis Colts, Will Johnson with the Baltimore Ravens, Tim Jameson with the Houston Texans, and Mike Massey with the Cleveland Browns. I have to say the Doug Dutch and Mike Massey signings are somewhat surprising. I know Mike is from Cleveland so that is good news for him. I wish all the free agent Wolverines well and enjoy that NFL pay check while it lasts.

  • In sad news, the Cincinnati Bengals released Chris Perry. Chris was injured most of his NFL career with the Bengals and when he got the starting job last year had a big fumbling problem. Chris is a good 3rd down back that can catch the ball and get you a first down and hopefully another NFL team will pick him up. I don't believe Chris will ever be an every down back in the NFL.

  • ESPN is reporting that former Miami quarterback Robert Marve has completed the rounds and narrowed his transfer choices to Purdue, Arizona State, South Florida and Nebraska, with Purdue in the lead for his services. One quick side note. I'm wondering who Dennis Erickson wanted more, Stephen Threet or Robert Marve? I'm guessing ASU is now off the board for Robert.

  • Michigan State did a surprising thing yesterday and scheduled games with West Virgina and Alabama. The school has signed contracts for a home-and-home series with West Virginia in 2014 and 2015, and a home-and-home series with Alabama in 2016 and 2017. Good for MSU, I love that Nick Sabin will be back in East Lansing.

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