Monday, November 22, 2010

Michigan Monday: Doesn't Feel Like a Rivalry Week

Do you remember the last time you were excited about the Michigan - Ohio State game?  I do, 2006*.   The day after Bo died.  Michigan was a personal foul penalty away from being in the National Championship game.   That was a very emotional week for many Michigan fans.    This week doesn't have the same feel and it shouldn't.  Michigan needs to be better to get this rivalry back on track, right now it's just a one sided football game.   Similar to what we watched last weekend.  (*Michigan had a chance in 2007 but Mike Hart and Chad Henne were both injured and Michigan lost 14-3 at home)

The early line has Ohio State favored by close to 3 touchdowns or 18 points.   Doesn't feel like Ohio State week does it?  I am sure Bo is pissed and Woody is smiling.  

Brett Bielema should be fined and suspended by the Big Ten:  After the game Saturday, Bielema said his offensive line -- which grinds opposing defenses into dust by pulling its guards and ramming them into linebackers downfield -- was prevented from pulling by Michigan. He used the word "tactics," which is coaching code for "holding," to describe what Michigan's defensive line was doing. "But we rectified the situation," Bielema said. When asked how, Bielema recalled a chop-block penalty that went against his team -- and took a touchdown off the scoreboard -- in the second quarter. Wisconsin lost seven points but delivered a message.

So Bielema ordered an illegal chop block on Mike Martin.  So let me understand this, your team is dominating Michigan in the first half and your about to score another touchdown and you order a chop block on Michigan's best defensive player? What a classless move. The Big Ten better come down hard on him, this type of activity doesn't have any place in college football.   I hope all the parents of Wisconsin 2011 recruits read that quote before they sign up to play for that head coach.  What an (insert your own expletive here). 

What the hell as happened to college football coaching profession?  This year alone we have seen a coach have his QB re-enter a game after a concussion, that same coach made a terrible decision later in the year to practice outside in un-safe conditions which caused a student to lose his life.  We have seen a coach let a player walk out of jail and on to the field and now we have had a coach order a potential career ending penalty in a game where they are blowing out their opponent.  This activity come after a year two coaches are fired for being too physical with a player and another coach locking a player in the closet.   None of it makes sense to me and these guys need to start to understand that they are here to teach and protect young men - not injury them. 

Quick Recruiting Updates:

  • Update: Sammy Watkins has committed to Clemson. 

  • Kris Frost seemed to enjoy his Michigan visit this weekend.  The Wolverines need him badly in this class and he should be Michigan's #1 priority.  They will need to beat out Auburn.

  • 2011 Michigan running back Justice Hayes has de-committed from ND and has re-opened his recruitment.  He lists Tennessee, ND, and Michigan as his top group.  We will see what happens here.

  • 2011 Florida LB Ryan Petro 6'3", 205 lbs. also enjoyed his visit.  He is currently one of those late bloomers to the recruiting arena and doesn't have any offers yet but is getting interest from Michigan, Nebraska, and Pittsburgh.

  • 2011 TE Jack Tabb also visited Ann Arbor and has Michigan near the top of his list.  He will make his decision is a month or so.    

Former Michigan great running back Rob Lytle died on Saturday at the age of 56 due to a heart attack.   RIP Michigan Man. RIP.


Voice of Reason said...

Brett Bielema should be fired and Wisconsin should forfeit that game. I know it won't happen but when a head coach deliberately tries to seriously hurt a player, the NCAA needs to send a message to other coaches. Woody Hayes punched the Clemsen player and was fired, Bob Knight fired for a lot less, so BB needs to go and they should give up the game. This will stop this stuff in the future. These are kids simply trying to get an education and you're trying to seriously harm them and then bragg about it? Give me a break!!!

Bob said...

I 100% agree.

john said...

children--stop crying! you are sad poor losers. as a mich fan i understand that we are a pathetic team that had a overly simple offensive scheme with an unadaptive coaching crew and a defense that was outclassed by traditional big ten smash mouth play on behalf of wisconsin. i wish we had the coaching staff of wisconsin. michigan has become irrelevant football program fighting for the big ten basement (again). i was at the game on sat.; um is a hapless team.

BB said...

You're the child. Your comments show the ignorance of your youth. This has nothing to do with a bad football team. It has everything to do with a coach who told young men to go out and purposely hurt another football player. I dont care if Michigan would have won by 50 you dont go out and promote this nonsense!!! Grow up