Monday, September 26, 2011

Michigan Monday: Late Updates

Joe Dumars son has left the Michigan Basketball program due to injuries.  He never played at Michigan after transferring from South Florida. 

Michigan Kick Off at Northwestern in two weeks will be at 7:00 PM on BTN.  Four weeks in a row for Michigan and The Big Ten Network.  Second primetime game of the year.

Denard was the Big Ten Offensive Player of the week again.

Will Hagerup is off "of punishment" and will compete for the starting punting position. 

Cam Gordon and Barnum are questionable for Minnesota.  Troy Woolfolk was running on Sunday (maybe he should sit out Minnesota and heal up - let The Count play!)

What is the deal with Mike Shaw?  Is he hurt?  We haven't seen him for a couple of weeks.

There are reports today that Bolden and Ringer are planning on enrolling in January.  Jerrod Wilson was/is also planning on enrolling early.  Which means Michigan could back date 3 scholarships to 2011 if they have them available.  The 2012 number could be up to 28 now.    That must be a difficult decision on whether to give scholarship to a walk-on vs banking it for guys planning to enroll ealry. 

After a very good Spring, I am surprised we haven't seem more Greg Brown.  The good play of Blake "The Count" Countess maybe the reason.  Frank Clark also got some time at DE against SDSU.

Do you think the Michigan coaches can use the tape from the NFL's Week 1 New England vs Miami or Brady vs Henne for recruiting future QB's? 

I know there is a ton of question marks regarding the difference between this years 4-0 team vs last years team at 4-0.  There is one big difference between the two years.  A new Greg, Mattison is the Man! 

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