Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wolverine Wednesday: How Come The Big Ten Isn't More Active?

Because, they like the stack of dollar bills they already have. 

The Big Ten likes its current position with the recent addition of Nebraska and the current revenue split.   If they added two more teams the pot of money gets smaller.   For Devil's Advocates sake lets take a look at a pair of teams that could be a nice fit:

The High Maintenance Couple:

Texas and Notre Dame:  These two are the prettiest girls at the party and they know it.  They each have their own TV contracts and want more money then the other schools if they agree to come to a conference.   These two are clearly big names but they come with way too much baggage and demands.   If they can't share, they won't get an invite.  That Longhorn network is already a mess and ESPN should shut it down.  ND says they would rather go to the ACC instead of the Big Ten, really?  Why?  ND is the girl friend you should never call again. 

Big 12 Raid:

Texas and Oklahoma:  We know the issues with Texas and Oklahoma doesn't have the academic record that the Big 10 is looking for.  But let's be honest, with MSU and OSU in the Big Ten, OK wouldn't be that much of an academic stretch.  The problem is OK travels with it's little brother OK State and there really isn't room for 3 and just the OK schools alone isn't really that attractive. 

Big East Raid:

I don't think any Big East schools make much sense for the Big Ten.  UConn and Rutgers Football Programs are too small.  Even though you would bring in the NY market, I'm not sure the risk is worth the reward for mostly a professional sports market.  You really don't relate NYC with college sports and I'm not sure the move to the Big Ten would make it a college football town.  It isn't a strong football recruiting area either.  They have a couple top prospects per year.    (Yuri Wright comes to mind)

The ACC has a $20M exit fee so strike that out. 

The latest news is the PAC 12 is staying at 12 (they don't want to over pay Texas either).  Missouri is knocking on the door of the SEC and asking to join the party.   WVU was already been rejected by the SEC and this weekend they have a chance to take it out on Les Miles and LSU.   So the net of this is, the Big Ten feels good at 12 teams and probably won't consider expanding unless Texas or ND call them and drop their revenue demands. 


  • SDSU might be the best team, Michigan has played so far this year this year.   This game on Saturday worries me.  Pat Forde is picking SDSU 28-27.

  • One advantage that Michigan has on Saturday is not only Hoke and Staff coaching them last year but the noon kick off.  It's a fact in the NFL that West Coast Teams that travel East for 1:00 kick offs do not do well.  Having the noon kick off plays in Michigan's favor.  Let's hope SDSU is sleep walking for the first half and Michigan gets off to a quick start.

  • Vincent Smith has earned the start at RB and I agree.  He seems fully healed from his ACL from the Ohio game his freshman year.

  • I have real concerns with Will Heininger and Nathan Brink on the defensive line.  I'm not sure the walk on experiment is working.   Richard Ash must be struggling and we might see more of former offensive lineman Q. Washington or some rush linebackers.  I continue to give Craig Roh a pass due to his health.

  • Oops!  If I can get a press pass, I guess this guy could sneak in.  Michigan pulled his.  (I hope I am still on the list :)

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